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As award-winning wedding photographer’s, Liam Collard and Stam have had the absolute pleasure of photographing, visiting and capturing some of the most mesmerising and luxurious wedding venues worldwide. And while each venue has proven to be sincerely breathtaking, there are three that have stood out when it comes to a fantastic and memorable wedding day in the impressive city of London.

These, in no particular order, are the St Pancras Renaissance HotelKensington Palace, and The Gherkin London. Below, Liam and Stam reveal what makes these three venues a perfect backdrop for incredible photos.

“As a St Pancras Renaissance wedding photographer, this venue is an absolute dream, said Liam. “It offers impeccable natural light that shines through the astonishingly large windows throughout the entire day, dark yet chic internal decor, and remarkable architecture – all of which make for excellent wedding photos.” And with 10 wedding reception venue spaces to choose from, as well as easy access to St. Pancras Station for those traveling in, the St. Pancras Renaissance makes it one of Liam and Stam’s top three wedding venues in London.

“As a Kensington Palace wedding photographer, immense praise goes to The Orangery – an extraordinary location built in 1704 – which stands alongside Kensington Palace,” Liam continued. “This building is the perfect place to hold a tranquil and tasteful wedding reception… but the magic does not stop there. Kensington Palace wedding photographers, along with the bride, groom and select guests, are given private access to the palace after tourists have left the premises in order to shoot some phenomenal photos.” A memorable day is on the cards at the Kensington Palace, that is for sure.

“As a Gherkin wedding photographer, it is almost impossible to put into words the spectacular 360 degree views of the city from the top floor of this magnificent and iconic building”, Liam admits. “The Gherkin not only has impressive aesthetics, but is also an excellent location for creative documentary photography. Additionally, the surrounding area – filled with markets and copious opportunities for beautiful street photography – is usually deserted on weekends, making it a wonderful spot for several different styles of photography.” Because of this, The Gherkin in London definitely deserves a spot on Liam and Stam’s top three London wedding venues.

It goes without saying that whether you choose the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Kensington Palace, or The Gherkin London to have your special day, it’ll be an event that London wedding photographer, Liam Collard, would absolutely love to be apart of.

St Pancras Renaissance Wedding Photographer_Liam Collard

St Pancras Renaissance Wedding Photographer_Liam Collard

Bride walking down stairs

Best man and groom

Kensington Palace Wedding Photographer_Liam Collard Photography

Kensington Palace Wedding Photographer_Liam Collard Photography

Bride looking in the mirror

Gherkin Wedding Photographer_Liam Collard Photography

Gherkin Wedding Photographer

Gherkin London Wedding Photographer

St Pancras Renaissance wedding photographer