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Italy Wedding Photographer

Italy is a country with a rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, making it an ideal destination for wedding photography. From the charming cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice to the rolling hills of Tuscany and the stunning Amalfi Coast, Italy offers a wide range of backdrops for capturing the perfect wedding photos. The architecture and art of the country provide unique and breathtaking settings for couples to exchange their vows, while the food, wine, and hospitality of the Italian people create an unforgettable experience for all involved. We are regular visitors each summer and love working as Italy wedding photographers with our couples.

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Tuscany Wedding Photography

We are renowned for our captivating wedding photography in Italy and have a particular fondness for photographing weddings in Tuscany.

The picturesque countryside, rolling hills, and charming towns of  create an idyllic setting for capturing beautiful and timeless wedding photos. The region’s warm and welcoming locals, delectable food, and superb wines all contribute to the perfect Tuscan wedding experience.

Moreover our obsession with the Tuscan lifestyle allow us to infuse a sense of place into your wedding images, adding an extra layer of depth and meaning to your photos. 

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You are on a quest for compelling, real moments that go beyond wedding photography? We are your kind of people! 

You are passionate about finding the best artistic storytelling for your Italy wedding. We are obsessed with creating it!

You value personal service, creativity, and excellence.? That’s exactly how we feel!

You want extraordinary photographs that capture the emotion, laughter, and moments that matters? We are an image-creating couple that love to make that happen.


As wedding photographers who have had the privilege of capturing love stories all around the globe, we have come to appreciate the unique charm that Italy brings to a wedding day. There is a certain indescribable quality to the country that sets it apart and draws couples in, and we are always thrilled to be a part of that magic. Whether it’s the breathtaking architecture, the stunning landscapes, or the rich cultural heritage, Italy offers endless opportunities for capturing beautiful and timeless wedding photos.

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Our work as wedding photographers has been recognized by numerous judges in the industry, thanks to our stunning couples captured across Italy. While our focus is always on our clients a it’s hard to deny the magic that Italy adds. We recently won 4 awards in Italy from the oscars of wedding photography, The FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS community. You can see some of those awards HERE



At Liam Collard Photography, we have earned a reputation for capturing genuine, candid moments that showcase the beauty of Italy on a couple’s special day. Despite our signature style, we understand that every couple has unique needs and desires, and we are always willing to be flexible to meet those expectations. Whether it’s capturing family portraits, iconic sunset shots, or candid moments from getting ready, we will work with you to ensure every aspect of your Italian wedding photography coverage is tailored to your liking. We operate as a team, with one of us focusing on your story while the other captures the moments that make your wedding day in Italy truly special, so you can trust that nothing will be missed.

Best Wedding Photography In ITALY - Liam Collard Photography

As wedding photographers, some of our most cherished memories and images have been captured in the stunning country of Italy. We have had the privilege of working at many different venues across the country, and we always strive to create a unique and personal experience for each couple we work with. We understand the importance of capturing the essence of each couple’s love story in a way that is authentic and true to them, so we never replicate the same images twice. To give you a glimpse of how we photograph weddings in Italy, we invite you to explore some of our favorite weddings below.

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the most special memories we could hope capturing every wonderful moment of our wedding.
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We were at ease throughout our entire experience with Liam and Stam.
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