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Want a sophisticated wedding in the perfect venue? The London Gherkin is an iconic skyscraper with a one of a kind London wedding venue that caters to your dreams. Why is this architectural masterpiece the ideal location for the biggest day of your life? Read through and find out.

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30 St. Mary Axe: A Glorious Legacy Rebuilt from the Ruins


Rising majestically in London’s financial district, 30 St. Mary Axe (a.k.a The Gherkin), possesses a beauty and magnificence that is hard to miss. The building’s 41 floors were completed in 2003 based on the design of premier British architect Norman Foster with Arup Group. The Gherkin quite literally rose from the ashes of the former Baltic Exchange and Chamber of Shipping. These sites were ravaged by a terrorist attack led by the Provisional IRA in April 1992.


Originally, the construction team was tasked to recover and use what was left of the Baltic Exchange, but they soon deemed it an impossible feat. From this change in direction, the designers took free reign and focused on creating an architectural masterpiece. The challenge now was to design a building that would honor 30 St. Mary Axe and its neighbours’ legacy: from serving as a Roman trading outpost in ancient times to rising as one of the wealthiest districts on the planet.


World-Class Design for Your London Gherkin Wedding


Anyone who has a love for contemporary architecture knows the Gherkin, or at least recognizes it for the marvel it is. Just seeing the building itself is enough to trigger wonder and fascination, whether you’re a tourist passing by or a Londoner yourself. As you walk up to the building and see your reflection on its tinted panes, one word comes to mind: Luxury.


How did they achieve such beauty? The Gherkin has 792 mechanized windows with 7,429 glass panes covering its exterior. All in all, the glass that surrounds the Gherkin can cover five football pitches. Incredible! The best part, however, is the one and only piece of curved glass on the building: the Gherkin’s panoramic dome. Just imagine how beautiful that will look during your wedding at Searcys London! The dome also serves as an ode to the iconic stained glass of the old Baltic Exchange.


While most known for its appearance and affluence, the Gherkin is actually an eco-friendly building. Not many people know that the building uses only half the power that other towers of its magnitude would normally consume. How? Six specially designed shafts go in between the tower’s floors for natural ventilation and insulation. Way cool, right?


The London Gherkin Today


As part of London’s financial district (a.k.a “The City”), the Gherkin is surrounded by beauty and elegance. Among its neighbours is The Bank of England designed by classicist John Soane. Leadenhall Market is also a delight to explore, especially with a camera. The beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral is less than a mile away. In no more than 10 minutes, you can reach the Gherkin by train from King’s Cross St. Pancras and Oxford Circus. Upon entering The City, you can enjoy the variety of hip watering holes, world-class hotels and gourmet restaurants around the Gherkin.


30 St. Mary Axe houses several prestigious organizations on its floors. The world’s largest reinsurance company, Swiss Re, commissioned the creation of the Gherkin. The company was the skyscraper’s first owner and still has offices on the Gherkin’s floors. Pensions, bonds and retirement company Standard Life can be found on the 34th floor. The innovative technology consulting firm Lab49 conducts some of its businesses here as well.


The magnificent Searcys restaurant, Helix, is found on the most panoramic location of this London skyscraper. Searcys is a great space for some quiet afternoon tea, a sophisticated Sunday brunch, delicious lunches and dinners, and delightful cocktails. You can enjoy casual elegance at Searcys London, with the vibe and ambience perfect for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, or your very own wedding.


Sophisticated Wedding at Searcys London


If you’re all about sophistication and class, a wedding at Searcys London is perfect for you. Searcys London is an exclusive membership club at the top three floors of the Gherkin. You would be hard-pressed to find a better location for a modern London wedding.


The Gherkin’s unparalleled views, incredible architecture and unique aesthetic are perfectly complemented by Searcys exquisite contemporary cuisine and world-class service. Weather conditions, logistics and coordination won’t get in the way of your London Gherkin Wedding. Searcys can be your ceremony and reception venue, maximizing comfort and convenience. All these well thought out details make Searcys at the Gherkin the ideal wedding location.


The 39th and 40th floor can accommodate your grandest visions as both are licensed for civil ceremonies of over 100 guests, and has space for receptions with up to 260 guests. On the 38th floor, intimate gatherings find a beautiful haven with Searcys’ private dining rooms. Single rooms can be combined as double rooms, and the entire floor can also be hired exclusively for your London Gherkin wedding.


A wedding at Searcys London is even more memorable and magical because of the people who allow you to focus on your wedding’s precious moments as they unfold. As you plan your wedding at Searcys London, the venue’s dedicated team of wedding experts and events managers will serve as your guide. Searcys’ wonderful organizers are very responsive and are always considerate of every bride and groom’s needs. Their seamless arrangements and expert planning will make you feel confident, pampered and at ease.


Beautiful London Gherkin Wedding Photography


As your London Gherkin wedding photographers, we apply the same philosophies as this fabulous venue. Stam and I work unobtrusively while still capturing all the highlights, details and unique vibe of your big day. We also work hand-in-hand with our brides and grooms on scheduling photoshoots throughout the day. As a world-class photography team, we capture your wonderful story, the feel of the entire event and all the moments you and your guests wish to remember.


Having a wedding at Searcys London means reveling in glorious skies, fabolous city lights and pure modern elegance. The sunset at Lydia and Matt’s wedding where we captured a silhouette of the couple was breathtaking. The City of London is also very quiet during the weekends. This is a fantastic opportunity to capture London Gherkin Wedding photos around the Bank of England and Leadenhall Market without the crowds.


Apart from the beautiful photos, a London Gherkin wedding is made even more beautiful by the people in it. During Steve and Francesca’s big day, the bride’s brother read a poem at their wedding at Searcys London. The beautiful scenery on the Gherkin’s top floors perfectly matches these touching moments. As wedding photographers, we are always honored to witness and immortalize the most memorable details of the biggest day of your life.


Do you have the perfect wedding in mind but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! Our Luxury Wedding Planning Guide will empower you to turn your vision into reality.


Fun Facts


  • For those of you who didn’t know, a gherkin is actually the baby cucumber people use for pickling! The word as we know it in English comes from the Dutch word “gurken” which translates to–surprise, surprise–”small pickled cucumber.” 
  • In 2014, historian and broadcaster Seb Falk ran the London Marathon while dressed as the Gherkin. He looked pretty adorable! The stunt aimed to raise money for Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Seb achieved huge success and raised almost £14,000 for Parkinson’s research.
  • Also in 2014, the Gherkin was sold for a whopping £700 million to the world’s richest Brazilian, Joseph Safra. Sadly, the banking and investment legend passed away in December 2020. The Gherkin remains as one of Safra Group’s commercial properties.


A Wedding at Searcys London is A Dream Come True


Searcys is a truly remarkable London Gherkin wedding location. It has all a modern bride and groom will ever need. The iconic building wonderfully defines the city’s skyline, and it can amplify the class and elegance of your wedding day, too.


As wedding photographers in London, we treat each wedding we cover as a privilege. Stam and I were very lucky to witness and capture all the heart-warming moments of Francesca and Steve’s and Lydia and Matt’s weddings. The photos below featuring their celebrations speak for the magic that a London Gherkin wedding truly holds.


We hear wedding bells! We’re excited to work with you on your ideal London wedding photography. Click here and let’s chat soon!