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Many women wish for elegance and grandeur on their wedding day. So, a Kensington Palace wedding is pretty much a dream come true for many brides-to-be. Find out what makes Kensington Palace unlike any other wedding venue you’ve seen before.

A Beloved Home to an Iconic Queen

Since the 17th Century, the British Royal Family has blessed Kensington Palace with their presence. The palace was commissioned by King William III and Queen Mary II to Sir Christopher Wren in 1689. The St. Paul’s Cathedral architect transformed Nottingham House into the palace we see today.

Fast forward to 1819, the gracious and beloved Queen Victoria was born in Kensington Palace. She lived here until 1837, the year she became Queen at 18 years old, ruling for 63 years as the British empire’s matriarch. In her 60th year as queen, the monarch persuaded Parliament to invest in the restoration of Kensington Palace, her childhood home. 2 years later, the palace’s State Rooms were opened to the public during the iconic queen’s birthday.

Kensington Palace Today

We are now in the 21st century and we still enjoy the efforts of Queen Victoria to preserve her childhood home. In 2012, another grand refurbishment worth £12 million transformed the place into a modern marvel without foregoing its historic charm and legacy. 

Visitors to Kensington Palace are sure to be entertained by a variety of royal installations. Within the palace walls, you can take a tour of the life of Queen Victoria through her re-imagined childhood rooms. You can learn all about William III and Mary II’s life through a tour of the Queen’s State Apartments. There is also the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, with some court and ceremonial dresses dating back to the 18th century.

From 1981 to 1997, the well-loved yet controversial Princess Diana of Wales owned an apartment in Kensington Palace. In the summer of 2021, guests can enjoy a temporary exhibition called “Royal Style in the Making.” The gallery features the intricate and intimate process of creating some of the most important couture dresses in royal history. This includes a display of the hugely iconic wedding dress of Princess Diana, which will be shown at Kensington Palace for the first time in 25 years!

As you admire all these charming and historic collections, a very knowledgeable and warm staff guides you through the tour. Internalize the royal glamour and feel free to ask questions: Who knows, you might draw inspiration for your Kensington Palace Wedding from these royal exhibits!

Beyond being a wonderful British Royalty museum, the palace is still home to actual, present day royals: Kensington Palace is the official residence of the ever so famous Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and their children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Several other Dukes and Duchesses also reside here. If you decide to have a Kensington Palace Wedding, you might just be in the presence–or at least, in the vicinity–of actual royalty!

The Serene and Beautiful Kensington Gardens

Located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, Kensington Palace’s surrounding Gardens are famous destinations in their own right. Kensington Gardens is a wonderful mix of entertainment and serenity. It is one of eight Royal Parks, with Hyde Park just nearby.

Kensington Gardens houses the Albert Memorial: a statue coated in layers of gold commissioned by Queen Victoria in honor of her husband. It can be found north of the famous Royal Albert Hall. Families usually head for the wooden pirate ship, sensory trail and interactive sculptures in the Diana Memorial Playground. Though named after the late Princess of Wales, the park’s theme is actually inspired by the adventures of Peter Pan. Kensington Gardens’ delightful Italian Gardens Cafe offers gorgeous views, bespoke gelato and a living roof with Mediterranean-style planting.

Unlike Hyde Park, the Gardens have a more classy feel as they are more private and can’t be accessed at night. During your Kensington Palace Wedding, you will get the exclusive privilege of accessing the Gardens for a private and special photo shoot as the park closes to the public. The 265-acre park has gorgeous and massive trees that give it a lush forest vibe. Kensington Gardens and Kensington Palace are nestled quietly away from the main road, making it an ideal London wedding location.

A Celebration Fit for Royalty: Your Kensington Palace Wedding

There really is so much to see inside and around the beautiful Kensington Palace. The best part: You get to bask in the beauty of it all during the biggest day of your life! A Kensington Palace Wedding is every tiara-wearing bride-to-be’s fantasy brought to reality.

Friends and family will surely enjoy whichever venue you choose within the Palace, as each one has a unique atmosphere that emanates a romance that lasts for eternity. The Orangery was built in 1704 and has become the perfect indoor venue for balls and parties of 120-300 guests. The Orangery Lawn, on the other hand, is the grandest location for your Kensington Palace Wedding as it easily accommodates up to 1,000 guests.

The words “true love” come to life in the tranquil gardens of Kensington Palace. Tulips, geraniums and begonias blossom and add vibrance to the secluded Sunken Garden. The East Front Gardens are perfect for summer receptions filled with blue skies and lush flora.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue within the Palace itself, you can choose one from several wonderful rooms: the Entrance Hall is the heart of Kensington Palace and accommodates 300 guests; the Cupola Room is an intimate space with a gorgeous painted ceiling and views of the gardens and the orangery; The King’s Gallery and the King’s Drawing Room are lined with historic masterpieces for a wedding of 100-170 guests. The State Apartments can seat up to 100 guests while the Kensington Palace Pavilion can happily accommodate 300 of your closest and dearest.

Apart from enjoying all these breathtaking royal venues, expect to be treated like royalty during your Kensington Palace Wedding. The Palace’s events team, wedding experts, world-class suppliers and specialist events managers will serve your needs. Even before hiring the venue, their event specialists will gladly accommodate all your questions regarding your Kensington Palace Wedding.

Maybe there is no such thing as the “perfect wedding,” but a Kensington Palace Wedding–with the location’s legacy for greatness and centuries of elegant events–might just hit the mark.

Kensington Palace Wedding Photography

Your Kensington Palace wedding photos are sure to be both memorable and awe-inspiring. After all, you have all those amazing venues to choose from! Whether you’re aiming for a summer celebration in the gardens or an elegant affair in the state rooms, Stam and I know all the best romantic spots for the perfect wedding photos.

As your Kensington Palace wedding photographers, we make the most of everything the venue has to offer. Every space in Kensington Palace is exquisitely styled: from its artistic interiors, to its architecturally significant exteriors, to the gorgeous palace gardens. Just imagine how pristine and classy your Kensington Palace wedding will be! The timeless beauty of Kensington Palace easily reflects onto the lens, making your wedding photos more beautiful through the years.

During Jide and Victoria’s special day, the gushing couple stunned the crowd as they arrived for their reception at the Orangery in a solid white Rolls Royce. The newlyweds didn’t stop there: they danced their way to the venue with some traditional African drummers. That was unexpected and incredibly beautiful! The party also enjoyed the Russian Cossack dancers’ breathtaking performance at the Orangery. Both the groom’s and bride’s heritage and culture were showcased as the venue gladly accommodated these unique antics. This allowed us to capture many colourful, energy-filled photos in a usually prim and proper location. Needless to say, a Kensington Palace Wedding can both be elegant and entertaining as hell!

As a wedding photographer London, I’m always honoured to witness and immortalize the most memorable details of the biggest day of your life. Jide and Victoria’s first dance was such a beautiful moment. The heart-warming speeches during the reception also stirred our emotions. Throughout your Kensington Palace wedding, we are always on stand-by, ready to turn your precious memories into tangible images you can hold dear forever.

Ready to turn your vision for your Kensington Palace wedding into reality? We have what you need: Discover How to Plan Your Wedding Day!

Fun Facts:

  • Ever since Kensington Palace existed, not one member of the Royal Family had his or her wedding here. However, stars and celebrities of all kinds have flocked Kensington Palace through the years.
  • In 2015, American hotel heiress Nicky Hilton married British banking heir James Rothschild in the Orangery. In attendance were actual royalty, the Rothschilds’ “old money” circle and the Hiltons’ international entourage.
  • Model Poppy Delevingne and James Cook held their wedding reception in Kensington Gardens. Of course, the bride’s sisters were present at the lavish event: British socialite Chloe Delevingne and supermodel Cara Delevingne looked gorgeous as they celebrated in the Gardens. “Spice Girl” Geri Halliwell didn’t miss the festivities, as well.
  • Queen Victoria was actually born in Kensington Palace’s dining room. It’s pretty shocking now but not uncommon in 1819 as access to hot water was necessary when birthing, which is usually done at home during the 19th century–royalty or not.

Glamour and Grandeur at a Kensington Palace Wedding

Centuries-worth of glamour and grandeur live on to this day in this royal venue, elevating every Kensington Palace Wedding. The location has a timeless elegance preserved magnificently by specialists the way they would take care of any royal residence. Jide and Victoria’s wedding photos are true testaments to how fabulous your wedding at Kensington Palace can be.

Since Kensington Palace opened its gates as a wedding venue, it has hosted a limited number of weddings every year. This makes a Kensington Palace Wedding one of the most exclusive events in London. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, as of writing, Kensington Palace only hosts wedding ceremonies and receptions of 15 people. However, it can’t hurt to take a peak at what you can expect from your dream wedding post-pandemic, can it?

Are you a fan of our photographic style? We’re a fan of your commitment to having the most romantic and memorable wedding day! We are ready to collaborate with you. Let’s chat!

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