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Greetings from Liam and Stam, your dedicated Richmond wedding photographers! We are passionate about preserving the magic and beauty of your special day through the art of wedding photography. With our experience in capturing your unique piece of family history  and our deep connection to the stunning borough of Richmond Upon Thames, we are committed to providing you with photographs that will transport you back to the cherished moments of your wedding day in the years ahead. If you would like to learn more about how we work on the day to make your celebration smooth and enjoyable, get in touch with us by clicking the button below.

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Richmond Wedding Photography

Why Choose Richmond Upon Thames as Your Wedding Destination?

Richmond Upon Thames, with its captivating blend of history and natural splendor, serves as a perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Picture exchanging vows amidst the grandeur of Hampton Court Palace, with its regal architecture and lush gardens, or basking in the romantic ambiance of Kew Gardens, surrounded by breathtaking botanical wonders. Orleans House Gallery offers a touch of elegance and artistry, creating an intimate atmosphere for your celebration.

As Richmond wedding photographers, we recognize the significance of these iconic venues and understand how to capture their essence. With our in-depth knowledge of Richmond Upon Thames, we can guide you to the most picturesque locations and create photographs that reflect the unique beauty of your chosen venue.

Wedding Photographers In Richmond

What to Expect from us, Liam and Stam, Your Professional Wedding Photographers in Richmond?

When you entrust us with your wedding photography, you can expect a level of professionalism, artistry, and dedication that goes beyond simply taking pictures. We strive to tell your unique piece of family history, capturing the intimate moments, the raw emotions, and the fleeting glances that make your day truly extraordinary.

Engagement photography sets the stage for your wedding, capturing the excitement and anticipation leading up to your big day. We understand that bridal portraits are a celebration of your beauty and individuality, and we take great care to showcase your radiance and elegance. Our wedding albums are meticulously designed to weave together the narrative of your love, allowing you to relive your cherished memories for years to come.


To cater to your unique needs, we offer a range of photography packages. Whether you are planning an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, we provide comprehensive coverage that includes everything from pre-wedding preparations to the final dance. Our goal is to ensure that no moment is left undocumented, leaving you with a treasure trove of photographs that capture the essence of your wedding day and personalities to share with the generations to come.

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“Searching for the finest Richmond wedding photographer? Look no further! We are honored to be recognized as one of the top 25 photographers globally, acknowledged by our peers on Fearless Photographers, considered the Oscars of the wedding photography world. Trust our award-winning expertise to capture your cherished moments with unmatched artistry and passion. Explore our portfolio and witness the magic we create in Richmond Upon Thames and beyond.”


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The Benefits of Choosing Local Richmond Wedding Photographers

Being local Richmond wedding photographers, we possess an intimate knowledge of the area that allows us to create personalized and unforgettable photographs. Richmond Upon Thames is not just a beautiful backdrop; it is a character in your story. We know the hidden gems, the picturesque spots, and the unique angles that showcase the borough’s charm and allure. By incorporating the local scenery into your photographs, we add depth, meaning, and a touch of magic to each image.

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With years of experience as wedding photographers in Richmond Upon Thames, we understand that every couple is unique. We take the time to get to know you, to understand your vision, and to tailor our approach accordingly. Your wedding day should reflect your love and individuality, and we are dedicated to capturing that essence through our photography.

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the most special memories we could hope capturing every wonderful moment of our wedding.
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Our Latest News

Richmond Upon Thames is a treasure trove of captivating locations that lend themselves beautifully to your wedding photos. Imagine the romantic embrace captured against the backdrop of Richmond Park, the gentle breeze carrying whispers of love along the banks of The River Thames, or the vibrant colors of The Royal Botanic Gardens accentuating your joyful celebration. The historic Richmond Theatre adds a touch of elegance and drama to your wedding album, making it truly unforgettable.

We are passionate about showcasing the charm and allure of Richmond Upon Thames in your photographs.

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