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When you know, you know! Which is why Chloe and Wayne solidified their love in paradise by celebrating a picture-perfect Villa Kalyana wedding in Koh Samui. Graciously, we were invited to photograph their big day and create memories that’ll last them a lifetime.


Chloe & Wayne’s Picture-Perfect Villa Kalyana Wedding in Koh Samui

We loved hearing Chloe and Wayne’s love story. Mostly because it had a digital age fairytale vibe to it, but also because their proposal details were just too unique and lovely.

Chloe, a British national from the small island of Guernsey, and Wayne, an Aussie from a much-larger location, Melbourne, met online and started to chat. After a few months of back and forth flirting, Chloe took the plunge, and decided to fly to Australia to meet Wayne. The pair locked eyes under “the clock” at Melbourne Central Station, which was ultimately the equivalent of kissing their single days goodbye.

As these two lovebirds continued to date, they chose to take a little romantic holiday to Pho Quoc in Vietnam. Unfortunately, their trip didn’t exactly go according to plan. Wayne’s visa was delayed, and Chloe flew to Vietnam alone, carrying both of their suitcases. Little did she know that she was lugging around what would soon be her engagement ring!

But, before their happy ending, Chloe was attacked by a swarm of big local wasps. With welts on her legs, and no Wayne… things weren’t exactly looking up.

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Fortunately, a few days later, Chloe was on the mend and Wayne was on his way! The pair enjoyed New Years Eve in Pho Quoc, and spent the first day of the new year on the beach in what was ultimately the perfect weather. They loved wadding through the water, and saw a cute local boat that they walk towards during the golden hour. Then, Wayne got down on one knee and popped the question! Speechless at first, Chloe, of course, said yes, and they began planning their special day.

The pair chose to have a Villa Kalyana wedding in Koh Samui as it gave both of their friends and families an opportunity to fly in and spend a few days in paradise. They loved the intimacy and romantic charm of their wedding venue, and the fact that it was right on the beach. And so, with 32 of their closest humans, Chloe and Wayne said those two precious words, pronouncing them husband and wife.

When asked of their favourite moment, Chloe said:

“My favourite moment was walking with my dad towards the ceremony and feeling so ready. Everything felt right. Seeing all of the guests and then finally locking eyes with Wayne… it was the ultimate deciding moment.”

And from our perspective, we couldn’t agree more. Seeing these two stand before one another, it was so evident that they each carried a piece of each other’s soul. It was an incredible thing to see, and just simply inspiring.

Chloe and Wayne: thank you for trusting us to capture your beautiful moments. We had such an amazing time that we wish we could do it all over again! Here’s to your special and spectacular life together!


Featured Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Venue: Villa Kalyana

Bridal Gown: Sposa Group

Bridal Shoes: The White Collection

Groom’s Suit: Ted Baker

Engagement Ring: Michael Hill

Wedding Rings: Temelli Jewellers & Garan Jewellery

Wedding Jewellery: The White Collection & Etsy

Hair & Make Up: Polina Pak’s Studio

Wedding Planner: Kalyana Wedding & Events

Catering: Kalyana Wedding & Events

Flowers: Kalyana Wedding & Events

Musical Entertainment: Oliver Jones & Steve Bray

Special Entertainment: Saxophone player booked through Kalyana Wedding & Events

Photographer: Wedding Photography in Thailand
Videographer: Videola


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