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Black and white picture of bride and groom

Everyone loves a good fairytale wedding proposal story. You know, one where the groom makes a big grand gesture that completely takes the bride-to-be’s breath away? But this wasn’t exactly the case for Tom and Charisma. In fact, These two lovebirds admitted that their big engagement was pretty standard, as the pair had always referred to each other as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’. For them, their seemingly average proposal was the perfect way to start a new life together…

The pair ordered Charisma’s engagement ring, which was delivered while having breakfast with Tom’s parents. At that moment, Charisma politely excused herself and made her way to pick up the precious package. When she returned, they open it up together, with Tom exclaiming, “When I put this on, it will be official.” He then persisted to put the ring on Charisma’s finger, And voila!

So how did this love story begin? At a work party in Hong Kong! Tom and Charisma, both from Canada, were teaching English in Hong Kong when they met.They attended an event for new teachers to get the opportunity to meet new people in the area when Charisma swooped in to steal Tom’s phone number. And so, the texting began, and their love positively bloomed with each day that passed. Fortunately, this chance meeting in a foreign country lead to the joyful sound of wedding bells!

When it came to picking a venue, both Charisma and Tom knew that they wanted to be on the beach. They made their way to a vacation spot that they had visited often together, in hopes of finding the perfect venue for their wedding day. And as soon as they laid eyes on The Surin Phuket, a five-star luxury hotel on a beautiful private beach between Surin and Bangtao in Phuket’s North West Coast, they were certain that this was their dream location.

With preparation in full swing, they contacted Liam and Stam in hopes that they would be their Surin Phuket wedding photographer. After the initial phone call, Liam and Stam knew that this would be a very fun event, and couldn’t possibly say no to being apart of the special day. Fast forward to 18 December 2017, Charisma and Tom were ready to tie the knot in front of their family and friends, who flew in from several countries worldwide.

They were blessed with perfect weather, as it was a beautiful mild evening with a lovely breeze coming in from the sea. Charisma wore a stunning wedding dress by Galina and shoes from Juliana Style, while Tom looked exceptionally dapper in a suit from Wayden Tailor. The pair chose the theme, Beach Destination Love for their special day, as it perfectly encapsulated their love for the ocean and each other…and what a sight it was for Liam, a Surin Phuket wedding photographer, and Stam to capture.

As Charisma walked down the aisle, both bride and groom admitted that this was their favourite moment from the special day. Charisma noted that seeing Tom at the alter lead to butterflies of excitement in her stomach. She simply loved watching him while he read his vows, as all of his emotions were captured beautifully in his words. Tom agreed wholeheartedly as he listened to Charisma proclaim her love for him during her vows, which were said so exquisitely. At that moment, the pair knew that they had found ‘their person’ in one another.

Standing alongside them were Charisma’s five bridesmaids and Tom’s six groomsmen, who were equally as happy to witness these two love birds joining souls. Needless to say – Liam, a Surin Phuket wedding photographer, and Stam were exceptionally inspired by the couple’s passionate and raw energy, and both agreed that this was by far the most intimate wedding of 2017 that they had the privilege of photographing. For that reason, they have chosen a small selection of photographs from this magical day to share on their blog.

To close off, a few words from Liam and Stam:

“Charisma and Tom, we wish you a life time of happiness, and want to thank you for such an amazing day. We hope to meet you again the next time we’re in Hong Kong!”

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Bridal Gown — Galina

Groom Suit — Wayden Tailor

Bridal Shoes — Juliana Style

Engagement Ring — James Allen

Wedding Rings — Rings ParadiseTwo Birch Jewelers

Wedding Jewellery — Amy O Bridal

Hair — Neil Donkin

Wedding Planner — Usakan Labchan from The Surin Phuket

Catering — The Surin Phuket

Florist — The Surin Phuket

Musical Entertainment — DJ Shane OB of Phuket Sessions Entertainment

Video Crew — i2Production