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Perhaps you’ve been searching high and low for the most luxurious wedding destinations in Phuket and beyond, but have yet to find your perfect spot! Allow us to introduce the heart-melting love story of Tam and Raquel who married at the gorgeous Sri Panwa Hotel Resort.

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The story of how Tam and Raquel got engaged is enough to give you shivers down your spine, and a grin on your face. It simply is that beautiful!

This enchanting pair met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. And after spending invaluable and unforgettable time together, knew that they wanted to spend eternity with one another…which is when inspiration struck! Tam came up with the most memorable proposal, one that caused Raquel to feel completely love-struck and weak in the knees.

He decorated their apartment in such a way that it resembled an art gallery, displaying photographs of the pair during the most exciting times of their life together, throughout the respective rooms. Images of their travels, moments, milestones, and adventures filled the space, causing a feeling of warmth and happiness for both Tam and Raquel. And as Raquel made her way through the ‘gallery’, she stumbled upon one image that changed her life forever.

It was a picture with the writing, “Pull Me” written on it, and as the cover was removed, a sign appeared with the words, “With my mother’s ring…”. With that, Tam asked Raquel that beautiful question, “Will you marry me?”. The rest, as they say, is history!

So, with love and undeniable passion in the air and in their hearts, this stunning couple began searching for wedding destinations in Phuket. One thing that they knew for sure, was that they wanted to have their wedding ceremony, as they both adore the food, culture, people, and the country itself. And so it was, that the pair would marry at the Sri Panwa hotel in Phuket, one of the most gorgeous wedding destinations in Phuket.

“The day could not have been more memorable and beautiful,” said Liam, as he recounts Tam and Raquel’s special day. Additionally, Stam, also a Sri Panwa Phuket wedding photographer and Liam’s partner, stated that Raquel was one of the most beautiful brides that she had ever seen, and really enjoyed meeting this amazing couple. Together, Liam and Stam both agreed that Tam and Raquel had an undeniable energy about them, and that exploring Phuket with them a few days prior to the wedding was a great way in which to learn more about this lovely couple before their big day.

When their wedding day finally came, Raquel graced Sri Panwa, and all of her guests coming in from several countries worldwide, with an out-of-this-world wedding dress designed by Essence of Australia. She paired her stunning gown with shoes by Badgley Mischka, a veil from Era Jade, and flawless makeup, done by WOW Makeup, all of which complimented her effortlessly. Alongside Raquel, eight gorgeous bridesmaids lit up the space, wearing an assortment of beautiful dresses.

Tam looked ever so smart with a tuxedo from Indochino, and beside him stood his best man and groomsmen, who were elated to be apart of this special ceremony. Needless to say, the pair looked adorable together, like two pieces of a beautiful puzzle. And Liam and Stam could not have been more grateful to be apart of the whole affair.

But it was not just the smartly-dressed bride and groom that made their wedding day so fantastic, for these two had something extra special prepared. They organized their big day so that it was comprised of two parts. One was a traditional Vietnamese ceremony in the morning, and the second, a more western ceremony in the late afternoon. That, coupled with the perfect tropical weather and mesmerizing sunset, made the day one that would soon not be forgotten.

A big thank you goes to the team at Sri Panwa, who assisted Tam and Raquel with many amazing aspects of their fantastic celebration. From the wedding planning, catering, and flowers, to the musical entertainment, it’s fair to say that this incredible venue not only offers a dream-like location for one’s big day, but also a huge helping hand in creating a day that is well-executed and enjoyed by all.

Liam and Stam both agree that photographing at various wedding destinations in Phuket is always an exceptionally fun time, and recommend checking out their other wedding photography inspiration here.

And if you’re need some assistance in finding wedding destinations in Phuket, give us a shout by contacting us here.

Bridal Gown — Essense of Australia

Groom Suit — Indochino

Bridal Shoes — Badgley Mischka

Hair — Oh at WOW Makeup

Wedding Planner — Aeh at Sri Panwa

Catering — Sri Panwa

Florist — Sri Panwa

Musical Entertainment — Sri Panwa

Video Crew — Giordano Borghi of Dolce Vita Wedding Cinema