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Doing a photo session in Santorini is one of Liam and Stam’s most favorite activity! This stunning island in Greece, is arguably one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Its golden hour alone is enough to make anyone’s heart skip a beat, not to mention the awe-inspired views, whitewashed houses, and cute villages dispersed throughout this small island. Santorini offers a romantically poetic feel whilst in culinary heaven. Which is why many couples in love opt for a destination wedding on this fantastic piece of paradise.

So what does Santorini have to offer for those planning to tie the knot? Liam Collard, award winning photographer, and his partner, Stam, have given their thoughts regarding a photo session in Santorini, after having been lucky enough to shoot many destination weddings in Greece. With a real passion for photography, and a wanderlust-driven soul, these tips and tricks are a great way in which to start planning your stunning Santorini destination wedding.

For Liam and Stam, visiting Oia is highly recommended. Oia is a small coastal town on the tip of Santorini. Here, you’ll find whitewashed houses, rugged clifftops, and a seemingly endless view of a caldera of water. Walk until you reach the sign, ‘Kastro,’ an old Venetian castle, and you’ll be rewarded with views of the boats pleasantly passing by. It’s also a fantastic spot for your photo session in Santorini, as it is particularly mesmerizing at sunset.

The second village on Liam and Stam’s list, is that of Imerovigli. This spot sits on the highest peak of the Caldera, with views of the volcano that’ll simply give you goosebumps. In fact, Imerovigli has been dubbed, “the balcony to the Aegean” due to its beauty and charm. A perfect location for a bout of Santorini wedding photography? Definitely!

Thirdly, Emborio is a must-see—a traditional settlement and castle offering quaint views and beautiful bouts of solitude. This small village on the island of Santorini offers intriguing winded alleyways, away from the tourists, and is a vibrant location, rich with colour and friendly locals. In fact, many have referred to this adorable village as a “stop over into the past,” as its classic architecture reflects that of decades gone by when it served as the commercial centre of Santorini.

Amoudi Bay is yet another spot that’ll leave you breathless. The red cliffs and impeccable Caldera views will only enhance your photo session in Santorini, making it the perfect location for a destination wedding. In order to reach this port, one must descend down 300 steps from the city of Oia. And despite the fact that there aren’t too many activities to do in this quaint small town, the natural setting and photography potential is enough to make the trip 100% worth it!

Needless to say, these three villages and Amoudi Bay, make for a stunning backdrop for any Santorini wedding photography shoot, and are highly recommended by Liam and Stam, as well as many other well-esteemed wedding photographers.

If it’s picture perfect villas or hotels that you’re looking for, the Dana Villas Hotel is a 4.5 star hotel with various studios and apartments. This charming hotel is beautifully perched on the rim of a cliff in the capital city of the island, Fira. The Dana Villas Hotel is a great place to unwind whilst escaping the more vibrant noise that the centre of the island holds. It is here that your photo session in Santorini will truly come to life.

Additionally, the Grace Hotel is an ultra-chic boutique hotel that sits comfortably on cliffs that overlook the Aegan Sea. Here, you’ll have access to hotel’s latest addition, the 363 Champagne Lounge, which offers breathtaking views, fantastic champagne and cocktails, as well as signature dishes. This hotel was refurbished in 2016, and while it now holds more of modern-feel, it has still managed to capture the essence of Santorini. With panoramic views, and stunning luxury rooms, the Grace Hotel is simply a dream when it comes to Santorini wedding photography.

And last but definitely not least, Liam and Stam have provided 10 of their favourite Santorini wedding photography shots for you to gaze upon with excitement and adoration.

These images have been meticulously hand-picked, showcasing some of the most beautiful brides, extremely dapper grooms, and views that’ll make your heart skip a beat. From sunny day time shots of two people in love and soon-to-be-married couples pictured in different natural settings, to night time shots that are rich in colour and full of passion, it’s safe to say that with Liam and Stam’s photographic ability and experience, and Santorini’s outstandingly beautiful scenery, these pictures are nothing short of perfection.

For more Santorini inspiration, you can check out Liam and Stam’s post entitled, Santorini Favourites, a series of photos dedicated to this beautiful island in Greece. And if you’re considering something outside of Europe, their Thailand Favourites album is enough to give anyone a boost in inspiration, love, and lust. And for more information, give us a shout here – we’d love to hear from you!