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Longing to have a classic yet contemporary wedding? A One Belgravia Wedding or a One Marylebone Wedding may just be what you need. What makes these prestigious One Weddings the best choice for a modern bride? We’re dishing the details that will get you even more excited to plan your big day in one of these classy wedding venues.

One Belgravia Wedding

One Weddings: Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Tastes

They say perfection is hard to achieve, but One Weddings make it look so easy. With two amazing London wedding venues, One Events specializes in bringing your dreams into reality.

Personal touch and professionalism make every One Belgravia wedding truly memorable. The same can be said for One Marylebone weddings where the beauty of the venue is enhanced by the team of experts who orchestrate each affair.

Whether you are having a One Marylebone wedding or a One Belgravia wedding, each event venue wonderfully caters to your big day from start to finish. Both spaces can hold ceremonies, receptions, dinners and dance parties! You and your guests will enjoy the ease of having everything in one roof, with plenty of spaces that serve as elegant canvases for the wedding of your dreams.

One Dining: The Premier Dining Experience for One Weddings

While you can choose among One Events’ trusted list of wedding vendors, One Dining has the upperhand when it comes to understanding how the space relates to the food you serve your wedding party.

Scrumptious dishes and drinks, world-class professionalism and exceptional style await those who choose One Dining’s wedding catering services. Despite the bespoke experience, the in-house caterers can work with your One Belgravia wedding budget. A One Marylebone wedding is made even more ideal with One Dining’s creativity and originality, as well.


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Ease Meets Elegance at a One Belgravia Wedding

While a city wedding may be convenient, it doesn’t have to be any less classy. In fact, a One Belgravia wedding is as tasteful as it can get!

Located at 9 Grosvenor Place, this elegant wedding venue sits on an iconic spot: the Hyde Park Corner. The space One Belgravia occupies has a beautiful history of being a luxury wedding venue in London.

From Il Bottaccio to One Belgravia

One Belgravia’s location was previously home to an events space called Il Bottaccio until it was acquired by One Events in November 2015. The place was reborn and relaunched as One Belgravia in February 2016. The notable events brand made full use of the space’s impressive style but added their distinct flavor and their unmatched level of service.

A grand refurbishment made One Belgravia shine even brighter, complete with elegant white walls, classy parquet floors and majestic chandeliers.

The Beauty of a One Belgravia Wedding

You deserve grandeur and magic on your wedding day, and that is what you’ll get in your One Belgravia wedding.

Views from One Belgravia look just as beautiful as what you see inside: The venue overlooks Buckingham Palace Gardens and Wellington Arch. Picture yourselves photographed with these iconic backgrounds. See how beautiful?

A beautiful marble staircase makes for the perfect portraits and connects One Belgravia’s two floors. These levels are home to marvelous event spaces: the Oak Room on the ground floor and the Grand Gallery above.

The Oak Room at One Belgravia

Grooms love the Oak Room. What man wouldn’t want to mix and mingle, drink in hand, in a room made of floor-to-ceiling antique oak panelled walls?

Brides have a lot to look forward to with the Oak Room as their One Belgravia wedding venue, too: The room’s architecture exudes opulence and can bring a world of elegance to your wedding photos with its innate grandeur and timeless style.

The Oak Room can accommodate 60 of your loved ones for an intimate wedding ceremony. 40 guests can enjoy a cozy sit-down dinner in this elegant room while 120 guests can party here for your wedding reception.

The Grand Gallery at One Belgravia

If you’re looking for a classy space with a more contemporary and lighter feel, head on over to One Belgravia’s Grand Gallery!

Sunlight streams into the room from the Grand Gallery’s majestic towering windows, adding a sparkle to its beautiful chandeliers. Much like the ground floor, this One Belgravia wedding venue is a stunning location that can easily be transformed from intimate to indulgent.

The Grand Gallery’s U-shaped floor plan gives ample room for up to 170 people for your wedding ceremony. If you’re getting married elsewhere, you can book the Grand Gallery and let 150 of your nearest and dearest dine and dance the night away. Full-blown parties of 300 guests can also be held on One Belgravia’s spacious first floor.

Cherished Moments Captured: One Belgravia Wedding Photography

During Rachel and Leon’s One Belgravia wedding, we took advantage of the party’s iconic location and the venue’s exquisite architecture. However, even before entering the building, we caught a lovely photo of Rachel getting out of her wedding car. Only her hand and her wedding bouquet were visible: It was the perfect moment frozen in time.

As a London wedding photographer, I believe nothing makes an event more wonderful than the people who make the memories! During Rachel and Leon’s reception, the party kicked off with the first dance. That was one of our favourite moments of the whole night. There was ticker tape on the dance floor as all of their friends and family joined them. Everybody danced and laughed the night away!

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Classic Meets Contemporary at One Marylebone

Are you a contemporary bride with a taste for all things classic? A One Marylebone wedding can bridge both worlds: Experience modern elegance in a historic venue in this church-turned-events-venue.

One Marylebone: A Neo-Classical Treasure

Built in 1826, One Marylebone is also known as the Holy Trinity Church. This English Heritage site is an iconic Neo-Classical building created by Sir John Soane.

Exquisite detailing, clean lines and simplicity define One Marylebone’s architecture. In the 2 years it took to design and create the church, even the light sources of the venue were expertly planned.

In 2008, One Marylebone opened its doors as a hire space and it has been a classic wedding venue ever since. 

Romance and Elegance at a One Marylebone Wedding

Every couple who believes in happily ever after deserves a romantic wedding. Let the beauty of your love shine through with a One Marylebone Wedding. The joy and love you feel on your wedding day is easily reflected on this luxury venue’s halls and floors. 

One Marylebone has a unique but subtle character and charm, enough to add beauty to any event without pulling focus on the real stars of the show: You. One Marylebone can transform and cater to your vision, no matter how grand or intimate the occasion may be.

The prestigious Soane Hall’s size and beauty serves to magnify your celebration’s own magic. The West, East and South Galleries are wonderfully lit contemporary spaces that can host entire celebrations or serve as reception spaces before the big party.

Soane Hall at One Marylebone

Beautiful colors and a rich character make Soane Hall stand out from other wedding venues. While it has its own personality, it easily adapts to your celebration’s motif and mood.

Aptly named after One Marylebone’s legendary architect, this venue showcases the best of Sir John Soane’s work. It is a classy wedding hall with enough history and charm to be called a true London treasure.

Choosing Soane Hall as your One Marylebone wedding venue is sure to add beauty and class to your sacred union. Soane Hall can accommodate a party of 350 to 500 beloved guests.

The Galleries at One Marylebone

The U-Shaped Galleries at One Marylebone’s first floor is split into three areas: East, West and South. Brides and grooms have the option of hiring one space or taking over the entire floor.

Many couples use the Galleries as a reception area, allowing guests to mix, mingle and breathe a little after the ceremony and before dining and dancing all night long.

The East Gallery is the biggest, accommodating 100 guests for sit-down dinner and 150 for a simple reception. The South Gallery is an intimate space for 50 of your loved ones while the West Gallery is open for up to 150 guests.

Making Memories with One Marylebone Wedding Photography

We had the privilege of taking photos for Henrietta and Suni’s One Belgravia wedding. It was such a colorful event, especially as the couple’s diverse cultures met in one place. The bride and groom’s first dance featured both Jewish and Muslim traditions, which was pretty incredible. The party was filled with color, dance and, of course, love.

Their festive celebration is a true testament to the versatility of One Marylebone as a wedding venue. The lavish space was also perfect for a star-studded wedding: In attendance were Henrietta’s brother, world-famous music producer Mark Ronson. Fun’s Nate Reuss is the bride’s brother-in-law, and he also gave a wonderful performance of the band’s hit song “We Are Young.” Everyone enjoyed the mini-concert and the night was filled with love and appreciation for the happy couple.

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Marry The One, Choose One Weddings

Finding true love is never easy, keeping that love alive is even harder. So, when you find The One, you better not let go!

Celebrating your lifelong union with any of One Weddings’ exquisite events spaces will be one of the best decisions you’ll make–aside from marrying your true love, of course!

Every classy, modern bride will fall in love with One Marylebone and One Belgravia. Take a look at the photos of two beautiful weddings we have covered to get a feel of these One Weddings venues.


Bride getting hair done

After the ceremony at St. Etheldreda’s, we stole Rachel and Leon away for 20 minutes or so for a quick couple’s session. Once the two of them had gotten a little time to themselves, we headed to One Belgravia, overlooking the Buckingham Palace Gardens on Hyde Park Corner. Is there any better backdrop to a perfect spring afternoon?

The reception afterward really ramped up the fun after that. The speeches were beautiful, especially Leon’s. He was funny at first but then switched to tenderness when he talked about Rachel. You could see it in that moment and in some of the night photos we got of those two on the balcony: they truly, deeply care about each other.

The party kicked off with the first dance, which was one of our favourite moments of the whole night. There was ticker tape on the dance floor as all of their friends and family surrounded them. And after that, the party stretched late into the night!

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Far angle of bride

Bride getting hair done

Brides and bridesmaids

Bride getting in car


couple holding hands

Couple at altar

Wedding guests

Groom at reception

Guests at reception

Bride and groom first dance

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