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In this prominent 5-star accommodation in Central London, every Lanesborough wedding takes place amongst royalty. Located in Knightsbridge, it is both a classy and convenient wedding venue in London: the hotel is located opposite the Duke of Wellington’s London home, overlooking Hyde Park, right next to the tube station.

Beyond the accessibility and sophistication, what magic does a Lanesborough wedding offer brides and grooms?


A Mansion Meant for Greatness


Did you know that Lanesborough Hotel used to be an actual residence? It was built in 1719 by James Lane, the second and last Viscount Lanesborough. After almost a century of grandeur, the structure was falling into despair by the mid-1800’s. That’s when William Wilkins, designer of the National Gallery in London, was commissioned to redesign Lanesborough House.


Fast forward to almost 150 years from the restoration and London has changed completely. Knightsbridge has turned into a posh residential area and shopping district. The Lanesborough Hotel was created to fit this lifestyle of luxury.



How did architects transform Lanesborough House? While completely renovating the House’s interior, architects and historians worked hand-in-hand to accurately preserve and recreate the original façade for the hotel. During this renovation, 93 rooms and suites were added. They also created a conservatory restaurant, which now stands as the famous dining room, Céleste.


The hotel opened to the public in the middle of Christmas and New Year, on December 30, 1991.


The Lanesborough Hotel Today


You can expect nothing less than the best ambience and service as soon as you enter Lanesborough Hotel. With generous complimentary services, personal butlers, an award-winning spa, six treatment rooms, a pool and a sauna, plus a Michelin-star restaurant, it’s no wonder many sophisticated guests choose this hotel as their home away from home when in London.


With many rooms overlooking Hyde Park, you can enjoy scenic views in the hotel’s rooms and suites. The Oetker Collection, the hotel’s operators, used mid-19th century glamour as its inspiration to impress and delight guests. You can luxuriate in the unique refurbishments and plush interiors by renowned designer, Albert Pinto. Guests also enjoy exclusive access to the splendid Lanesborough Club & Spa.


The Premium and Exclusive Lanesborough Club & Spa


In 2019, The Lanesborough Club & Spa was awarded as England’s Best Hotel Spa. Dedicated to your comfort, luxury and wellness, Lanesborough Hotel offers unique services as provided by experts in the beauty, fitness and mindfulness industries.


The Club & Spa offers classic back massages as well as Kundalini massages that use ancient marma therapy and herbal poultices to balance your energy centers. The center is also home to the “Queen of Green Beauty,” Tata Harper. Her signature treatments include Cellular Repair Facials and a 100% natural Multi-Acid Peel. Avail any of the Club & Spa’s services during your Lanesborough wedding day and feel like a brand new person ready to face a brand new life!


World-Class Food and Drink at Lanesborough Hotel


Remarkable food and choices abound at Lanesborough Hotel. You can tickle your taste buds with distinguished dining options, including a Michelin-star restaurant at The Lanesborough Hotel. 


Céleste is a fine dining restaurant that offers delectable dishes throughout the day. The restaurant is also a great venue for some delicious afternoon tea, with its elegant yet cozy seating. You can indulge in outstanding food and excellent service, and enjoy a wine and champagne list that rounds off your delicious meal perfectly.


If you want to experience some award-winning mixology, The Library Bar at Lanesborough Hotel offers spirits, cocktails and wines. You can also travel back to the 18th century and taste some pre-French Revolution Cognacs at this elegant venue. It is a famed destination not just for its outstanding spirits but also for its intimate, private club atmosphere.


The Garden Room is an outdoor covered and heated terrace restaurant that offers light dishes, delicious cocktails and some amazing cigars of different tastes and textures. It is another excellent venue to enjoy some of the rarest Cognacs in the world.


The Withdrawing Room is famous for The Scene Stealer Cream Tea, which can be served with Bombay Bramble and Maraschino cherry, or simply with some cranberry juice, maraschino cherries and raspberries. Whether you’re taking it as a cocktail or a dry drink, each one is served with an assortment of scones and some strawberry jam. The Withdrawing Room is an intimate and impressive venue for lunch and tea.


The Lanesborough Hotel sits in the lap of luxury. With its scenic views, nearby shopping district, gorgeous suites, vibrant restaurants and exclusive spa, any bride would be fortunate to celebrate her Lanesborough wedding in this glorious mansion.


Your Lanesborough Wedding, A Tasteful Affair


If you’re looking to get the 5-star treatment for your big day, Lanesborough London is an excellent venue for a blushing, elegant bride. Every Lanesborough Wedding is curated by experts and every bride-to-be falls in love not just with the place itself but also the people who make sure you get the wedding of your dreams.


When you celebrate your wedding in Lanesborough Hotel, you gain access to all the things that make the mansion unique and highly sought after: The easy access and perfect location; the amazing selection of wines, Cognacs, cocktails and spirits; the world-class food choices; the top notch service; and the hotel’s one-of-a-kind elegance.


Your Lanesborough Hotel wedding can be as grand as a ball or as intimate as a cozy dinner. The venue’s event experts can accommodate–and even foresee–your needs. Every celebration requires a personal touch, and Lanesborough offers just that: The team offers the best personal service, from the flower arrangements to the delectable menus. Speaking of menus, your Lanesborough wedding’s food tasting can enjoy the services of outstanding chefs and a resident sommelier who will ensure you serve the best pairings during your special day.


Choosing A Lanesborough Wedding Venue


Within this iconic mansion that sits on an enchanting part of London are different venues for events of all sizes and occasions. If you are considering a Lanesborough wedding, you can choose whichever dining and reception room matches your tasteful affair.


You can take in amazing views of Hyde Park through the majestic windows of The Belgravia. Perfect for cocktail receptions or seated dinners, your wedding celebration will surely be both enjoyable and unforgettable at the largest venue in Lanesborough Hotel.


The Westminster at Lanesborough is a spectacular, sunny wedding location. It’s most unique feature? The venue is capped by a glass roof that bathes the room with lots of natural light, making it the ideal setting for daytime celebrations.


Travel back in time to the Regency period as you celebrate your Lanesborough Hotel wedding at The Wellington. This event venue takes pride in the details: a beautiful ceiling, majestic fireplaces, elegant mirrors. You can use The Wellington with The Westminster and The Wilkins, or use it as a private dining room for your Lanesborough wedding.


Another elegant room for intimate events is the charming St. George’s. The classy chandeliers and magnificent fireplace are sure to add glamour to your Lanesborough wedding. The Regency period is also celebrated in this wedding venue, with views of the Wellington Arch perfectly complementing the room’s interiors. 


Named after the hotel’s distinguished architect, The Wilkins offers the most intimate setting for 30 of your nearest and dearest. The gorgeous illustrations on the wall and its Georgian fireplace add character and class to the room, making your wedding celebration a charming and elegant event.


If excellent food and great ambience are your top priorities for your Lanesborough Hotel wedding, then there’s no place better than Céleste. This Michelin-star restaurant is the perfect venue for the most romantic day of your life, with its gorgeous chandeliers, domed glass roof, lavishly decorated walls, gorgeous seating—and of course, the fine dining experience. They say a wedding is just as memorable as its menu, and Céleste promises a celebration your guests will never forget. 


Elegant Lanesborough Wedding Photography


Make those beautiful, once in a lifetime moments truly last with exquisite London wedding photography for your Lanesborough wedding. Though Stam and I aren’t experts in architecture and art, it doesn’t take a genius to recognize and appreciate the fantastic architecture and decor of Lanesborough Hotel. This beauty translates excellently behind the lens, making your Lanesborough wedding photography shine.


During one of our couples’ weddings, the lovely bride Victoria had the chance to get her wedding portraits taken at the Presidential Suite of Lanesborough Hotel. The 5-star venue was perfect for elegant pre-wedding rituals and bridal photos.


We absolutely enjoyed the sophistication and unparalleled service at Lanesborough London. It’s no wonder brides and grooms choose this wedding venue: It’s not just an elegant and lavish place but a truly luxurious experience.


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Fun Facts


  • Celebrities from all over the world have enjoyed the premium delights offered by Lanesborough Hotel. The list includes Madonna, Cher, Johnny Depp, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mariah Carey, Leonardo Di Caprio and Michael Jackson.
  • The psychological drama “Eyes Wide Shut” by Stanley Kubrick features a room in the Lanesborough. The Royal Suite contributed its glamour and elegance to this 1999 cinematic masterpiece.
  • The famous restaurant at Lanesborough earned its first Michelin star as “Apsleys – A Heinz Beck Restaurant.” Heinz Beck is an amazing chef who earned 3 Michelin stars for his work at La Pergola in Italy. He brought his stellar skills to London in 2009 and by 2010, the restaurant earned a star. The dining room was rebranded as Céleste in 2015, then earned a star the following year.
  • In 2013, the hotel closed its doors for another grand renovation. The hotel reopened in 2015, and it seems like all the work paid off as the hotel was dubbed as the most expensive hotel in London that same year.


Spending even just a few hours at Lanesborough London is enough to transport you into a modern fairytale: one that’s filled with gracious butlers, ornate mirrors, marvelous dining rooms and fantastic food and drink.


The Lanesborough Hotel is too fantastic a place to be real–and yet it is! You, too, can transport your guests into a period of elegance and grandeur during your Lanesborough wedding. There are lots of reasons to choose this wedding venue, and we’d love to be part of it.


Send us a message and let’s talk about all the ways the Lanesborough Hotel can add both beauty and joy to your big day!