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Wondering which is the right wedding photographer for you? Before you entrust your memories, discover the top traits of an exceptional wedding photography pro! 

When couples plan a wedding, they are usually trying to juggle lots of different priorities. including how to choose an exceptional wedding photographer. However, the price offered for wedding photography services is not the most important thing that sets them apart from their peers.

There is more than meets the eye when you come across a photography studio that has a portfolio you love

In fact, so much more goes into the process of creating exceptional bridal photographs than people actually get to see. So, let’s just say – a great wedding photographer is creative, but an exceptional one has additional skills that truly make a difference throughout the whole process.

Every couple’s we work sets out to make the most of their love celebration, i.e. to soak every moment as much as possible. However, they also rely on how the moments will be framed and whether they will be able to relive them once everything is over. Now, we know that you are thinking about the aesthetic aspect, but let us state a very important fact – for those moments to be magical, the bride and groom need to be relaxed during their big day. And for that to happen, they need photographers that understand what they want and who makes them feel comfortable. 

Therefore, before you choose the person who will capture your special moments, take time and learn the qualities of an excellent photographer. You need a person who will meet your expectations because it is your day, and you deserve the best!

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What sets the best wedding photographers from the rest? 


While the technical skill to take beautiful photographs is essential, being a great wedding photographer goes beyond that. A well-seasoned photography expert possesses certain qualities that set them apart from the rest. That being said, here are some traits you should look for before deciding who will capture your bridal celebration.

Good wedding photographers have strong communication skills 

Like in everything in life, in wedding photography, as well – great communication is the key. Finding someone who will take your portraits and make them look nice is fairly easy to find. Nowadays, numerous photographers with the creative skills needed skills will get the job done. 

However, you need to remember that this is not just a regular celebration. It is a day when you begin a new chapter of your life, so it is a big thing. Therefore, it is essential to know how to find the right wedding photographer, i.e. the people who can fit into your day seamlessly whilst offering guidance and support as the day unfolds.

You need someone who will meet your requirements and suit your needs. In other words, you should strive for a person who listens to you and knows exactly what you expect from the end result, is able to be flexible whilst producing consistent looking work and has the emotional intelligence to stay calm and help you stay calm when the schedule changes or a rain storm appears just before the ceremony.

An exceptional wedding photographer possesses a strong set of communication skills. They will get to know you both before the wedding so you fell 100 percent comfortable come the big day with them being around.

We are always adjust accordingly for each of our couples unique days to provide an experience that makes your day better and captures the memories you want.

Moreover, ensuring continuous correspondence post-event should not be forgotten. There is a lot that goes into managing the workflow of your wedding images, creating a preview for you to enjoy, designing an album to showcase your unique piece of family history and talking you through the different print and framing options so you get the best from your photographs in the years ahead.

Santorini bridal portraitUnderstanding the importance of a bridal celebration 

Having the best wedding photography on your big day means having a person who understands the importance of your union. Namely, your chosen photographer should regard your celebration as a unique event rather than just a regular photoshoot. This means they should adapt to possible delays and factors affecting the whole process. 

As photography experts, we always strive to stay calm and relaxed, not to stress the couple. We know from experience that bridal events can often derail from the actual plan, so we are here to provide the support the newlyweds need. A genuine wedding photographer can adjust and come up with solutions while showing patience.

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Keeping distance when necessary 

It is crucial to strike a balance between being close to the action and respectful when photographing the more intimate parts of the day. This entails being mindful of the presence of other people and vendors. At the same time, a professional wedding photographer must maintain a warm and approachable demeanour, be close but invisible at the same time and not bring an intrusive energy to proceedings that get in the way of your celebration.

Such an approach allows everyone to enjoy the occasion without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable. In other words, we operate from the shadows and provide the amount of attention and interaction as suitable at a given moment. 


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Producing award-winning photographs 

Capturing over 600 stunning photographs that are expertly edited and refined differs greatly from producing just one or two prize-winning images. An exceptional photographer will always offer to present a complete wedding album for review, allowing you to make an informed decision based on their comprehensive body of work. 

This accurately represents their skill level, style, and approach to documenting your special day. When you have this option, you can be certain that you have selected the best wedding photographers for your big day. 

Helping you with the wedding photography timeline

Your wedding photographer needs to be able to construct a timeline for capturing the most important moments. Assistance in creating a well-planned timeline is offered to ensure that you can make the most of your celebrations without the photos getting in the way. Namely, you can spend time with your loved ones and still achieve the memories you want from the day

This guidance aims to balance the time allocated for wedding photography with the overall flow of the event. By working together to create a suggested timeline, you can enjoy your experience and get wedding photos you absolutely love.

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Not taking on too many clients

Why do some photographers cost more than others?

Limiting the number of clients taken on each year time ensures that the best photographers have the creative energy and time to focus fully on you and your wedding on the day and in the time leading up to and after your celebrations..

Many times, an overload of work can obstruct  creativity and diminish the amount of time available to perfect your wedding and answer all your queries. This is especially important if a destination wedding photographer is in question. We travel a lot, so sometimes it is impossible to preserve both creativity and energy if you take on too much work over a short period of time.    

Attempting to manage an excessive workload of 80 weddings a year would inevitably lead to a compromised ability to produce high-quality images. By prioritising quality over quantity, a photographer can dedicate time to crafting the best possible results. And ultimately deliver a images that exceeds your expectations. 

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Creating  a comfortable environment 

Creating a comfortable environment is crucial to capturing stunning and natural couple portraits. As most couples have never had professional photos taken before, a relaxed atmosphere is of crucial importance. The natural connection can only be achieved if your photographer establishes trust and a good connection with you both, allowing the shoot to flow smoothly without feeling uncomfortable.

Focus capacity and having two photographers covering different perspectives

Maintaining unwavering focus and energy throughout a long day is essential. This allows your professional wedding photographers to capture everything throughout the day. Given the plethora of events and emotions to document over a 14-hour day, significant stamina is required to ensure that every moment is beautifully caught on film.

We work as a team to make sure we have two perspectives of the story for the full wedding day. It allows us to be creative with one camera and to capture the timeless classic moments with the other.


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Always talk to your photographers before you make your decision

Choosing the right wedding photographer is about getting on with them as much as liking their portfolio. Do not judge a book by its cover. If you think a photographer looks to cheap, there is probably a reasons for that. If they seem more expensive, arrange to chat to them to understand what makes working with them different to other photographers you have shortlisted.

Wedding photographers will spend more time around you than any other person on your wedding day, getting to know them, how they work and how they can make your wedding day a better celebration is essential to enjoying your wedding day.

Contact us to learn how we can help you have an outstanding wedding experience and portray your desired photos!

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