Best Destination Wedding Photos Of 2017

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Best destination wedding photos;

Best Destination Wedding Photos

For many, a new year means the opportunity to reflect upon the last 12 months. It’s a time to decide what went well, what needs improvement, and to give thanks to all of the people and opportunities that brought them to where they are today.

Which is why Liam and Stam, award-winning wedding photographers, have decided to reflect upon a few weddings they were lucky enough to be apart of in 2017. In this way, they’d like to show their appreciation to some of the most fantastic clients that they’ve had the pleasure of working with, and to praise the outstanding venues which made their work a heck of a lot easier.

They’ve also hand-picked some of their best destination wedding photos from the last year, in hopes of inspiring other bride-to-be’s, and to celebrate the beautiful notion that is the sanctity of marriage.

“First off, a big thank you goes to everyone at Sri Panwa (as seen as the first photograph below).This delectable hotel is situated in Phuket, Thailand, and everything from their staff and good spirit, to the amenities and perfect views, has always proven to be a favourite for us. We especially loved shooting Tam and Raquel’s wedding at this stunning venue, and were able to capture these two lovebirds stunningly with the impeccable lighting and awe-inspired reflections that the hotel has to offer. 

The second image that we’ve chosen for our best destination wedding photos list, is one that was taken at the Conrad Koh Samui in Thailand. In it, you’ll see the lovely couple, Iris and Duncan, who had an absolutely breathtaking wedding, and whose photos were only made better by the hotel’s modern arch, and suave lines. Additionally, the lighting at this to-die-for venue simply added to the great moments that we were able to capture for the happy newly weds. 

We’d also like to thank Steffi and Philipp who tied the knot at the venue, Cavo Ventus. They had their wedding photos taken just above the town of Imerovigli on the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece. This couple (as seen in photo number four), exuded passion and love – not only for each other, but for life in general. Their photo was taken at sunrise, which gave it an extremely romantic feel and offered inspiring natural light. For that reason, we chose the image as one of the best destination wedding photos of 2017.

With that, we wanted to mention a few locations from around the world that were able to provide us with the inspiration to take some of the best destination wedding photos possible:

In Thailand, our hearts skipped a beat upon entering Cape Sienna. It’s a chic, modern, and romantic hotel, that offers a space for intimate wedding ceremonies and views that are simply magnificent. We also love Sava Beach Villas, an ideal location for anyone in love. 

In Italy, we found that capturing a few of the best destination wedding photos was easy…and it had nothing to do with skill! In fact, all credit goes to the beautiful cities that the country has to boast. Florence, for example, offers precious masterpieces of renaissance art and historical architecture. 

In England, there are two locations that really stick out – The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel and One Marylebone, both situated in London. We were lucky enough to do some photography at both of these venues, capturing some of our best destination wedding photos to date. The St. Pancras is a five-star luxury hotel as well as a famous wedding venue, while One Marylebone opened its doors as a wedding venue in 2008. Needless to say, these two venues make for a perfect location for a London destination wedding.

In Singapore, we adore the White Rabbit – a location with a tagline that reads, “We do believe in magic”. In fact, some of our best destination wedding photos were taken at this stunning venue. The space is a restaurant housed in the restored 1930’s Ebenezer chapel, and is renowned for holding intimate events, such as weddings and product launches. They definitely get a big thumbs up from us!

– Liam and Stam”

And with that, we wish you a happy 2018, and hope that you experience true magic in whatever endeavour comes your way this year.


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