Wedding Checklist

At Liam Collard Photography we understand the enormous amount of organisation required to plan your dream wedding day; as such, we’d like to try to simplify at least one of your tasks by providing you with the answers to our most frequently asked questions. We have tried to be as inclusive as possible throughout the Wedding Day Photography Checklist but should you have any additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

Happy wedding planning to you all!

Considerations when hiring a professional wedding photographer.
Your wedding day photography is a very special collection of memories through visual storytelling, capturing the unique atmosphere of your wedding day celebrations. At Liam Collard Photography we offer the highest level of expertise with a specialised and creative photojournalistic style, your wedding day images will be showcased at the highest possible standard.
What is a photojournalistic style?
Photojournalism is a delicate skill to master, that requires an understanding of the whole environment in order to anticipate fleeting moments as and when they are about to happen. This particular style of wedding photography offers brides and grooms a detailed documentary account, capturing every detail and fleeting moment in the most beautiful way.

Liam Collard Photography is an internationally-recognised photographic agency, our unique style and expertise in photojournalism ensures we capture your wedding day memories in an exceptional way – from tears of happiness to celebrations of laughter, you’ll remember your wedding like yesterday for the rest of your lives.

Do you cover weddings all over the world?
Liam Collard photography HQ is based in Phuket, Thailand during the European winter (high season for South East Asia) and Mykonos, Greece during the European summer – our multisite location facilitates the perfect set up to capture destination weddings in both Asia and Europe throughout the year. Our most popular wedding and pre-wedding (engagement) photoshoot destinations include Thailand, Hong Kong, Greece, Indonesia (Bali), the UK, Dubai, India and Singapore.
Have you won any photographic awards?
Liam Collard Photography is a multi-award-winning photographic agency, specialising in destination wedding photography and portraiture across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. As specialist photojournalists, we have gained global recognition with accolades from both “Fearless Photographers Awards” and “Junebug Weddings“.
Has your work been featured in bridal publications?
Yes, we have been lucky enough to feature in quite a number of editorial and bridal publications some of which are featured on our wedding blog.

Liam Collard Photography is currently the top recommended wedding photographer in Thailand, as voted for by the highly acclaimed Fearless Photographers – a collection of the best wedding photographers in the world. We are also featured on an exclusive wedding blog, Junebug Weddings, that features the most innovative and creative wedding suppliers from around the world. Junebug Weddings are an invite only community that allows brides and grooms to find the very best wedding suppliers for their dream destination weddings.

What camera equipment do you use?
We are Canon fans here at Liam Collard Photography – carrying two Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera bodies, a selection of lenses including 16-35mm 2.8, 50mm 1.2, 35mm 1.4, 100mm 2.8 plus two 600 ex flashguns with remote triggers and light modifiers.
Why do we need a second photographer?
Many photographers bring assistants to your wedding day but very few offer two professional photographers. There are hundreds of stories happening throughout your wedding celebrations, while we want to focus on your story as the priority, we appreciate that brides and grooms prefer not to miss out on the many other beautiful moments taking place throughout the day, beyond the main events.

At Liam Collard Photography we understand how precious your wedding day memories are and the great value to be gained from capturing twice as many memorable fleeting moments, through an additional lens and a different perspective. Our photographic styles are harmonious having worked together since the launch of the agency, shooting with the same techniques providing consistency and the highest level of imagery across your finished collection.

We are able to capture your entire wedding event, memories that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life from funny candid moments of your guests, detailed wedding photography shots and dynamic couple portraits set within dramatic backdrops.

Do you capture detailed wedding photography?
Absolutely! At Liam Collard Photography we aim to capture every detail of your wedding day, including wedding rings, wedding dresses, bridal shoes, bridesmaid jewellery and presents, table dressings, beach wedding scenery, venue decorations, wedding flowers, invitations, wedding guest book and much more.

We realise detailed wedding shots are unique to storytelling your very special day, which is why we always provide a two photographer service. My colleague Stam casts her creative eye throughout the day, dedicated to capturing beautiful wedding detail shots.

As photojournalists we love capturing this type of imagery, and understand how crucial they are in depicting the true story of your wedding day, creating a wonderful look and feel to your final wedding album alongside your portraits and documentary style group shots.

Do you supply the RAW image files?
At Liam Collard Photography we do not supply our clients with the RAW image files, as with any other professional photographic agency, we ensure we provide our clients with an outstanding top edit. Which means we not only delete what we call the “blinkies” unusable images such as; people with their eyes closed, walking in front of the frame, camera focus misfires or other similar issues but we also process and perfect each high-res image within your final top edit, ready for high quality prints. Your top edit portfolio will also be resized low-res ready for online sharing.
Do you provide black and white wedding photography?
Yes we certainly do, B&W images have a timeless quality that captures emotion and feeling without the distraction of colour.

We really love this form of photography so we make creative choices throughout your wedding day, as to which images will be perfect for black and white conversions. As we shoot using high contrast light, our photography actually lends itself perfectly for dramatic B&W photos.

On average we will convert around 25-35% of your final top edit cut into timeless and dramatic black and white shots.

What is the best time to have the wedding ceremony to ensure the best possible wedding photography?
We are very flexible with timings to suit your needs but in order to have enough sunlight for the bride & groom portraits and to miss the midday heat – we suggest that your wedding ceremony takes place at least 1.5 hours before sunset.
When should we all be ready for pre ceremony photographs?
A very important question indeed – this part is crucial to ensure we capture the very best possible photos in the morning before your wedding ceremony. We suggest firstly that the groomsmen get ready early in the day, before we get to the venue ideally(normally 2 ½ hours before the ceremony). Not many brides have been keen so far starting their beautiful wedding day images with the boys in their beachwear, so the best way to manage this is for the boys to get ready just before we arrive.

When we arrive we will spend approx. 30/ 45 minutes or so hanging out with the groomsmen while they’re preparing for the big day or relaxing with a beer, we always capture many fun moments at this part of the day. There will also be time to grab a few sharp portraits of the groom using natural light and wedding detail shots of the rings and any other details we find.

We are nervous about having our photos taken, can you help us with this?
This is one of our most common questions so don’t worry, most couples have not had professional photos taken before, so you are not alone. We can honestly say that this is never actually a problem come your wedding day.

One of our main suggestions is to just have fun with each other during your couple portrait shots, the chemistry between you is unique, so if you allow yourselves to enjoy each other’s company we will capture some wonderfully natural and beautiful moments. This part of your day will be your only time alone to reflect on your wedding, so enjoy chatting privately about your ceremony and the night ahead, it’s a naturally romantic, intimate and really happy time.

There are parts of the day that are more directed, we will set up locations with beautiful light and backdrops and will suggest ideas for how and where to stand. We have a huge amount of experience working with couples and have succeeded in capturing really fantastic wedding day photography; relaxed, natural and looking great!.

As your wedding day photographers, we will be having so much fun with you that you probably won’t even notice your pictures being taken!

Will you help find fantastic backdrops and locations for our wedding photos?
Yes we will most certainly be on the lookout for fantastic photographic setups as your wedding day progresses. Part of our creative process is to seek out amazing light and dramatic locations, this powerful combination produces amazing wedding photography and couples portraits, perfect for your wedding day albums.
Will our couple shots be similar to the ones we love on your website?
Most certainly! In order to achieve such variety for unique looking couple portraits, we normally schedule three sets of ten-minute sessions throughout the day, capturing different levels of natural light. We suggest that the first ten-minute shoot happens directly after the ceremony, with the sun still above the horizon. The next ten-minute session during dusk light, just after the sun sets using the dramatic lighting available at that time of day. Then the final shoot takes place during darkness, using all the ambient light we see at the wedding venue of your choice.

We will of course always suggest ad hoc shots outside of these times, if we spot something really special, as long as you’re happy to step away from your friends and family for a few minutes at that time.

When do you shoot the groomsmen getting ready and how does it work?
Groomsmen will be happy to hear that their photos do not take up too much of their time in the early part of the day. We arrive at an agreed time a couple of hours before the wedding starts, and ask the boys to be ready in their wedding gear.

Most groomsmen change back into their beach clothes after having the pre ceremony wedding pictures taken, but the groomsmen photographs always look better in wedding outfits.

When do the bridal portraits take place?
Bridal portraits always take place once you and your bridesmaids are fully ready – hair & makeup complete and dressed in your wedding outfits. We also suggest brides have their makeup done last to look fresh and glamorous in your pictures. We normally take about 30 minutes of your time to take some wonderful portraits and detail shots of your dress before you go down to the ceremony and allow another 30 minutes for you to put the dress on to capture details and moment surrounding that.

It’s normally suggested that video teams and other guests leave the room so you can relax and focus on enjoying your portrait photoshoot. The bridesmaids will normally feature in a few photos, so if they are close by that would be great!! This is also the perfect time to grab a few minutes of peace and quiet before the busy part of your exciting wedding day begins.

Do you have any photography tips for our guests to help the day go smoothly?
Just relax and enjoy the day is the best suggestion, we will be working quietly in the background capturing them all during your wedding day celebrations. We will of course chat or introduce ourselves where appropriate so everyone feels totally at ease with us being around.
Do you photograph family and friends in traditional group shots?
As a rule of thumb photojournalism does not include the more traditional group / formal wedding line-up shots. That said we do understand that on occasion it may be very important for our clients and their family members, perhaps granny and grandpa who want to see the whole family in one big group photograph. As such please do make a request during our photographic briefing.

We suggest traditional group shots be taken after the wedding ceremony but before your couple portraits, when everybody is hopefully in the same place at the same time. We capture approx. 7-10 shots then your guests are free to enjoy the rest of the day, while we capture them discreetly in our photojournalistic style.

Should you be looking for a very large number of staged group photographs, we would suggest reaching out to an alternative photographer who captures the more traditional style photographic setup. Should you need any more information please do get in touch as we’d be happy to help.

Will every guest be photographed?
Whilst we always provide comprehensive coverage of each and every wedding day celebration including the funny, beautiful and sweet moments involving your guests, we cannot guarantee that every single guest will feature in your final top edit portfolio. That said please do discuss any particular photographic requirements you may have during our photographic briefings.
Can you recommend other amazing wedding suppliers?
Definitely – here in Thailand where we are most savvy we can recommend wedding suppliers including; wedding planners, luxury wedding venues, hair and make-up artists, wedding entertainment and florists. We have created a dedicated wedding directory on our website, please rest assured we have only listed suppliers that we 100% recommend. Keep checking back as we have yet to list every supplier and do let us know if you’d like any personal introductions?

We can also recommend top class wedding suppliers and luxury venues covering destination weddings in Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Greece and Singapore, please do get in touch for more details.

Can you recommend great pre wedding places to hang out in Thailand?
Absolutely! We know all the cool places to hang out in Thailand for pre wedding drinks and socialising. We have featured some venues already within our wedding blog but do contact us direct for additional recommendations.
Do you shoot video and how will that fit into the day?
Shooting video and photography are both very specialised skills, so like other top international photographers we do not specialise at both. We do however work very closely with a highly talented film crew in Thailand that we’ll happily recommend to all wedding parties. We can share their details with you direct, or should you prefer can even manage the booking process for you, including showing you examples of their work.

Throughout Asia it is not unusual to see very large video production teams, normally between 5-7 crew members, working together at wedding ceremonies. It’s not only overwhelming and intrusive for brides and grooms throughout the day’s events, but camera crew members do tend to feature themselves in the backgrounds of many photographs.

As such our preferred specialised video crew in Thailand, is actually a small, similar to Europe, two person operation. Our previous clients have found this solution to work very well indeed, avoiding those awkward situations between cameramen and photographer, while offering the ultimate coverage of both photos and video. If you have received an alternative recommendation for a video crew in Thailand, please do get in touch, we’ll happily help in any way we can, to explore the possibilities of harmoniously working together. We are always here to help, so just ask away.


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