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A monthly mentorship program and thriving community for wedding and portrait photographers.

And get our 5-step proven road map to creating the photography career you want.

‘‘We transform photographers, like you, into masters of your craft & six figure creative entrepreneurs’’

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Ignite your creativity. Join our community of ambitious photographers and get regular content, training and feedback inside our Facebook Group – The Photographers Collective.

This podcast is the first to help wedding photographers, like you, combine the principles of mindset, creativity and business so you make a bigger impact and achieve true and lasting success.

Our FREE mini-series on the 9 characteristics of successful photographers and start to understand what it takes to create the photography career that you want.


Transform your business and ignite your creativity through our inspiring educational content delivered every Tuesday and our community of inspiring photographers all on the same journey.

All the while having the support of me, Liam Collard and award-winning photographer Stam Chana.

— What to expect inside The Photographers Collective —

“Our signature program transforms you and your photography business so you can attract your ideal clients doing what you love.”


Demonstrate all the qualities you need to make your business a success, by developing your mindset and approach.


Get exclusive access to our exact processes and expert insight from other industry experts.


Our proven road-map means you will have a bigger impact and help more of your ideal client.


Ignite your creativity and build a powerful and always improving portfolio of work.

— Transform Your Photography Career —



Let’s see if we are on the same page:

1: You’re so passionate about your photography and you like nothing more than getting your camera out for work, play, and anytime you can to indulge in your favourite activity.

2: You would prefer to be creating beautiful images than worrying where the next booking is coming from (we hear you) but have a sense that creating long term success is going to need more than just pretty pictures.

3: Whether you are at the start of your journey or further along the success path, you have been looking for a way to build sustainable progress in your career and avoid those feelings of burnout or feeling ‘‘stuck’’.

4: You have a GROWTH mindset. You are willing to do whatever it takes to make the progress BUT want to generate more revenue, book more clients and develop creatively, but are unsure what steps to take.

5: You are fed up with looking up the latest ‘‘how-to’’ videos on YouTube and Instagram and want to find guidance. You want a proven process to follow to take the guesswork out of all your effort.

6: You feel inspired by so many other creatives, both photographers and artists BUT are yet to feel you have your own defined style and voice that would allow you to grow into your full potential?

‘‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t - you are right’’


— Our Monthly Content —

Every Tuesday we release new content in the members area to help you move along the success path we have outlined for you in our FREE guide.

Take manageable weekly action towards your bigger goals for your business and your life


Business Or Marketing Strategy


Industry Expert


Creative Learning Or Live Shoot


Group Coaching (Q&A Or Hot Seats)

— Frequently Asked Question —

You have questions and we have answers – check out all our FAQ’s below and let us know if there is anything we haven’t answered here. You can contact us over email at [email protected] or over direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

The Photographers Collective is a monthly membership designed specifically for photography entrepreneurs.

This membership is going to transform your business and creative process through fresh educational content delivered each month, a community of passionate, inspiring, and empathetic creatives and our proven 5 step success path to building the career that you want.

Wedding and Portrait photographers of all skill levels and business sizes are welcome!

The Photographers Success Path is designed to help you identify where you are in your business and insight to help you GROW.

YES. The content we are going to work through together is directly actionable for any photography business.

We will also be transparently sharing all of our strategies and creative processes so we can learn together to get the desired results.

When you take regular and definable actions your business will improve and grow. We have walked this path ourselves and know success is closer than you think.

We believe it’s essential to balance creative talent with a smart business strategy to have long term success. That is why the first week of the month will be dedicated to new educational content for running your business and the third week will be dedicated to improving your creative skills with immersive challenges, teaching and critiques.

Many photography courses give you an overwhelming amount of videos and just dump you with them to figure out alone. The result is most people don’t take any actions on it or get stuck.

We will deliver fresh bite-sized content each month and will be there as part of the community to help you implement it over time. Slow and steady progress to avoid the overwhelm is what this is all about.

We also stick closely to our proven success path as we are living proof it works!

Most importantly this is not just online videos on ‘’how to’’ do different photography skills. We have live group coaching every month and mentor our members through the action items they have so they get results.

The Collective is designed to be delivered in manageable chunks so you have time to implement everything.

We deliver fresh content once a week, with one business strategy and one creative challenge (playing with your camera) making up the most time-intensive elements. 

We will then have a group coaching session or live Q and A or industry expert interview conducted by me 

Finally, we will be showing you ‘’behind the scenes’’ of what we are working on that month in our studio to keep you inspired and energised.

There is!  Each month will have one piece of content released per week so you can work it into your busy schedule. They will include:

1: Monthly marketing strategy to help you see progress in your creative business.

2: Industry Expert Interviews (e.g other photographers or marketing experts).

3: A creative photography challenge to help you master your craft.

4: A group coaching call that all members can to keep moving forward.

Check out the syllabus here for the next 6 months.

If you decide it’s not right for you, you are free to cancel anytime, there is no minimum contract. We also offer a two-week money-back guarantee in the first two weeks if you change your mind

Stam and Liam will both me answering questions and be part of the members FB group on a weekly basis, helping you progress your creative career.

There is also a monthly group coaching call with Liam and Stam where they will either do a live Q and A OR conduct hotseats – these are coaching sessions for members that everyone else can listen into and are very powerful ways to help you make definable progress.

The Photographers Collective

Monthly mentorship, inspiration and processes to grow you ideal photography.