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How to get consistent bookings each month, without expensive wedding fairs and listings. And learn our 4 phase proven road map to creating the photography career you want.

‘‘Take control of your business growth by leveraging the power of your website and social media channels’’

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Three Ways You Can Start Working With Us Today

Our FREE masterclass is a one hour training on how to get consistent bookings each month, without expensive wedding fairs and listings.

Having a system in place that is going to do a lot of the hard work for you is the only way to grow a successful photography business that is profitable AND gives you the enjoyment and creative fulfillment you are looking for.

This podcast is the first to help wedding photographers, like you, combine the principles of mindset, creativity and business so you make a bigger impact and achieve true and lasting success.

Ignite your creativity. Join our community of ambitious photographers and get regular content, training and feedback inside our Facebook Group – The Photographers Collective (The Art Of Online Marketing).

Get consistent bookings each month, without expensive wedding fairs and listings

Transform your business with a four-phase framework that we use in our own business, to truly give you the creative freedom and financial security you need to build a photography business you can enjoy.


All the while having the support of me, Liam Collard, and award-winning photographer Stam Chana.

— What to expect inside The Photographers Collective —

“Our signature program teaches you how to get consistent bookings each month, without expensive wedding fairs and listings, by showing you how to use your website and social media channels as powerful marketing tools that get you booked in the digital age.”


Not just videos and how-to guides, we mentor you every step of the way for the full 12 months you are in the program.


Get exclusive access to our exact processes and updates on new strategies we are using in our business to get booked.


Our proven 4 step roadmap means you will have a bigger impact and reach far more couples that want to work with you.


The members’ Slack Channel and FB group is full of wedding photographers on the same journey as you.

— Transform Your Photography Career —








Let’s see if we are on the same page:


1: You’re so passionate about your photography and you like nothing more than getting your camera out for work, play, and anytime you can to indulge in your favourite activity.


2: You would prefer to be creating beautiful images than worrying where the next booking is coming from (we hear you) but have a sense that creating long-term success is going to need more than just pretty pictures.


3: Whether you are at the start of your journey or further along the path, you have been looking for a way to build sustainable progress in your career but just seem to be getting busier without seeing results. 


4: You have a GROWTH mindset. You are willing to do whatever it takes to make the progress BUT want to generate more revenue, book more clients and develop creatively, but are unsure what steps to take.


5: You are fed up with looking up the latest ‘‘how-to’’ videos on YouTube and Instagram and want to find guidance. You want a proven process to follow to take the guesswork out of all your effort from someone that has actually done it themselves.


6: You feel inspired by so many other wedding photographers, BUT are yet to feel you are getting the work that your portfolio deserves.

‘‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t - you are right’’



The best way to learn how our roadmap can work for your wedding photography business is to watch our FREE MASTERCLASS where we show you exactly what you need to do to get consistent enquiries and bookings each month.

The four phases we teach in the class are:


Fully Booked Foundations


Enquiries On Demand


Assured Revenue Growth


Booking More Clients

— Frequently Asked Question —

You have questions and we have answers – check out all our FAQ’s below and let us know if there is anything we haven’t answered here. You can contact us over email at [email protected] or over direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

The Photographers Collective is a monthly membership designed specifically for photography entrepreneurs.

This membership is going to transform your business and creative process through fresh educational content delivered each month, a community of passionate, inspiring, and empathetic creatives and our proven 5 step success path to building the career that you want.

Our masterclass is Free so you can see exactly what you need to do to be a success, there is an invite at the end to take things further in our signature program, but it is a very high value bit of training in its own right and essential if you want to know how to book more clients in the digital age. FIND OUT MORE

YES. The content we are going to work through together is directly actionable for any photography business.

We will also be transparently sharing all of our strategies and creative processes so we can learn together to get the desired results.

When you take regular and definable actions your business will improve and grow. We have walked this path ourselves and know success is closer than you think.

The program has been developed over two years with our founding members. They are photographers just like you.

They helped us identify exactly what your biggest hurdles are and we created a bespoke solution and framework that makes even the more complicated aspects of online marketing easy to grasp. 

Plus you get access to our members’ Slack channel and FB group if you join The Photographers Collective. Watch our FREE MASTERCLASS first and you will know if it is something you want to pursue by the end of the training.

Many photography courses give you an overwhelming amount of videos and just dump you with them to figure out alone. The result is most people don’t take any action or get stuck.

We also stick closely to our proven success path as we are living proof it works!

We have live group coaching every month and mentor our members through the action items they have so they get results.

The Collective is designed to be delivered in manageable chunks so you have time to implement everything.

You get 1 year to work through this and some do it fast and others take longer due to their personal circumstances. 

It really is designed to allow you to go at your own pace and not be left behind.

Liam will answer questions and be part of the members’ FB group on a weekly basis, helping you progress your creative career.

There is also a monthly group coaching call with Liam where he will either do a live Q and A OR conduct hot seats – these are coaching sessions for members that everyone else can listen to and are very powerful ways to help you make definite progress.

There is also a member’s Slack channel – which is Instant Messenger for creatives where we have a thriving community of members all helping each other make progress.

The Photographers Collective

The art of online business made easy for wedding photographers who want more consistent revenue and bookings.