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Wedding dresses! With dozens of different styles and stores available in London—where do you start the journey?
Sure, it’s an extremely exciting experience, but it’s also pretty stressful when you don’t know where to find what you’re looking for. Or maybe you really don’t know what you’re looking for?! Trust us when we say, you’re not alone! Finding the perfect wedding dress is almost a full-time job for brides-to-be!
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Being in the wedding industry however, we have seen our London brides in some seriously elegant, charming, and beautiful wedding dresses. So, we’ve decided to put together a list of top bridal boutiques in London so that you can turn a somewhat stressful time into a super fun one! Here are our top seven choices for you, the budding bride-to-be, in London!


1. Halfpenny London


Kate Halfpenny is the owner and designer of Halfpenny in Bloomsbury, London with a quirky and fashionable style, and such incredible talent. Her style is a mixture of Brit cool and vintage, yet each design is unique and tailored to her soon-to-be bride’s needs and vision.


She’s got a degree in fashion design and a masters in textiles, and her website is so chic, mimicking her gorgeous bridal designs. We love her simple yet statement-holding images, and wedding gown gallery that only inspires.


And if you’re not sold yet, Kate just so happens to rub shoulders with some pretty important people, being Kate Moss and Emila Fox’s (among others) stylist and friend. Need more reasons to visit Halfpenny? Nope!


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2. Charlie Brear


From start-up to globally recognized designer, Stam and I just love the fashion stylist, Charlie Brear! And her company has such an interesting background story too. She was working on various projects—one of which was selling wedding dresses that were used for a music video.


Long story short, the public were so in love with the designs that she decided to start doing it full-time (making and selling dresses, that is). And today, she is one of the top bridal boutiques in London! Isn’t that amazing?


We definitely rank Charlie Brear as one of the top bridal boutiques in London because of her hand-crafted bridal wear and positive attitude. And this boutique too have their own claim to fame—styling the gorgeous Sienna Miller! You just can’t go wrong with a visit!


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3. Morgan Davies Bridal


Unlike the prior two boutiques, Morgan Davies Bridal focusing on sourcing the best and most innovative designers worldwide and selling their designs at their store in London and Hertfordshire. We love them for their fresh approach and the fact that there’s a whole team dedicated to finding stunning bridal wear for English brides.


They work with around 20 designers all over the world and are continuously on-the-lookout for emerging and talented stylists. What’s also cool is that they specialize in accessories and underwear for your big day too.


Morgan Davies Bridal boasts several acclaimed awards, and have been featured in some super popular bridal websites and magazines. Take a look at their website to see some of their latest blooming brides—you’ll be impressed for sure! Basically, if the proof is in the pudding, as they say, then this boutique is definitely a delicious choice!


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4. Belle & Bunty London


Visitng Belle & Bunty London’s website definitely makes a great impression for vibey brides with its pop, trendy, and modern feel. This top bridal boutique in London is all about contemporary, feminine fashion, and each of their dresses are custom-made—no mass production! What does that mean for you? Something that fits perfectly, and an awesomely beautiful wedding dress that no one else has!


Belle & Bunty London is a womenswear label by two ladies, both graduates from the London College of Fashion, Alice and Hannah. Their vision for a classy, vibrant and trendy wedding is so palpable, one can feel their amazing energy simply by browsing their website. Together, they basically have the skills and insight to create the most fabulous dress for your big day.

What’s also quite unique is that their website doubles up as a lifestyle blog, showcasing the pair living their best life. From Instagramable coffee joints to a beginners guide to wearing leather trousers—these gals definitely know what’s up!

Bride getting ready Couple walking Couples after ceremony 5. Sassi Holford

Visiting Sassi Holford’s website is like opening up the glossy pages of an extraordinary bridal magazine. The layout of pictures and text is so effortlessly lovely that it has the ability to bring about a sense of joy and excitement before you’ve even seen some of her very talented designs!

But this bridal boutique in London does not only showcase a slew of radiant wedding dresses! In fact, they also have women’s evening wear and smart outfits for big occasions, making it a double win for brides looking for their perfect dress and mother-of-the-bride’s in need of an elegant outfit for the big day.
The owner, (and international designer) Sassi Holford, has been designing womenswear for more than 35 years and has various awards for her work. What does that mean for you? You’re in a pair of safe hands when it comes to celebrating your femininity and individuality!


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6. The Mews Bridal, Notting Hill


Stam and I especially enjoy checking out The Mews Bridal website for its video snippet that mimic wild, young and free brides. Take one look at their site and you’ll instantly realize that this bridal boutique is definitely trendy, and on-point when it comes to styling the more modern bride.

As fairly young (and may we say trendy) individuals, Stam and I love the first line in their “About Us” bio:

“Bringing fashion and bridal together in a combination that brides crave” — isn’t that an inciting line that immediately catches your attention?


And although we’re recommending The Mews Bridal in Notting Hill as one of our top bridal boutiques in London, they’re actually an international store, with a third location in the United States. So, if you’re looking for a cool bridal look that is French-inspired, The Mews Bridal is a top choice.


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7. Phillipa Lepley


For luxury wedding dresses, Phillipa Leply boutique, based in the heart of Chelsea, is the place to be. The bridal gowns are simply magnificent, each with their own custom embellishments, silk veils, and inspired designs. At Phillipa Lepley, you’re most certainly going to get impeccable customer service from a team of exceptionally skilled designers and visionaries.


Stam and I recommend this London boutique for the bride who is looking for a more classic, luxurious, and couture look. This boutique will treat you like royalty from your very first fitting right up until your big day, and well after. They also custom-make corsets, which is the essential part of wearing a Phillipa Lepley gown, and promises to reduce the waist by up to two inches.


“For me, bridal couture is about delivering faultless service on every level”  — Phillipa Lepley.


Bride walking Dress detail from the back Collage of bridal pictures So, have you found one or more of your favorite bridal boutiques in London? It goes without saying that, whatever style or look you’re after, one or more of these fantastic boutiques will be able to provide exactly what you’re looking for! We definitely recommend all of them to all women who are preparing to tie the knot!
And if you’re looking for more wedding inspiration, be it wedding dress insights, locations, photography, or more—get in touch with us! We’d love to to chat!


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