Honour Village Cambodia – Photographic Study

Portfolio • Asia, Editorials, News • Posted on 5th June 2013 • Posted by Kee Yip

Honour Village CambodiaThanks to everyone at Honour Village Cambodia and to the Sponsors in HK for making this wonderful, evocative and incredible experience possible. The idea for this charity shoot was to raise awareness for this beautifully run British charity that supports the development of the local community by offering paid employment in the area, a safe home for children who need it and free education in both Khmer & English to the surrounding village children.

Some of the sponsors of Honour Village in Hong Kong, suggested that we set up a photography shoot to tell the story of the kids daily lives daily lives to raise awareness of the charities amazing work in the local area around Siem Reap. This set the wheels in motion and six months later we were on the ground in Cambodia with the aim of taking some photos that could be used at a fundraiser in HK in the later part of 2013. They were all an absolute pleasure to spend time with, were extremely kind and amazingly happy despite life having dealt them a tough hand. I have included my favourite shots to go with the slideshow, but please contact Honour Village if you want to find out more about how you can help this very special charity.

This is a testament to the way this charity is run, so thank you to Sue and the guys for inviting me down, to Solas in HK for making the introductions and making the shoot possible, and most importantly to all the children that live at honour village. You all touched my heart and were a joy to work with….. good luck for the rest of the year and beyond, and i hope we meet again when I am next in Siem Reap.


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