Hong Kong Wedding Photographer – Charissa and Keith’s Wedding Day

Portfolio • Asia, News, Weddings • Posted on 27th October 2014 • Posted by Liam Collard

We were delighted when bride Charissa and groom Keith asked Liam Collard Photography to be their Hong Kong wedding photographer, as we’d already covered their pre-wedding photoshoot earlier on in the year in Phuket Thailand.

Hong Kong born and bred Charissa and Keith started their wedding day celebrations with a traditional and intimate Chinese Tea Ceremony in the exclusive area of Happy Valley, Hong Kong, known as Wong Nai Chung Kuk (黃泥涌谷) locally. Continuing into the afternoon the wedding banquet took a Western Ceremony twist at the unique wedding venue of The Peak Lookout, Hong Kong, with exotic cocktails being served during their large wedding reception dinner, with guests joining them from all all over Hong Kong, to celebrate their idyllic wedding day.

There was a fantastic atmosphere with traditional Chinese games being played, such as groom Keith having to wear lipstick and put on a skirt to impress this bride enough to be allowed in her house, a very brilliant tradition to have been able to capture for them on camera 😉

The wedding day photography was blessed with favourable  weather, a little cloud, ensuring the humid temperature was not uncomfortable, The Peak Lookout is actually high on a mountain so much cooler than the city below. We were able to shoot a set a bride and groom portraits, with the iconic backdrop of the city skyline, while perched high on a dedicated lookout point at The Peak Lookout, Hong Kong.

Our favourite image of this spectacular Hong Kong wedding is of the groomsmen waiting for their taxi to the ceremony, taken through another taxi’s window – I slowed down the shutter speed to around 1/50 second as knew the movement of the car would slightly blur the shot – a really great moment to capture creating a rather unusual image.


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