Greek Wedding Photographer Koroni, Greece

Portfolio • Europe, News, Weddings • Posted on 25th September 2013 • Posted by Liam Collard

Koroni, Castle, GreeceWe were invited to Greece by Claire and Foivos in July 2013 to capture their fabulous wedding day memories in Koroni, Greece, as their professional wedding photographer. We had actually visited Koroni previously on vacation due to a friend of mine owning a small hotel in the area, so was fabulous to return on a professional assignment as a Greek wedding photographer.

Bride and Groom, Claire and Foivos were such a delight to work with, we even managed to spend time wandering around the beautiful ruins of Koroni’s Castle the night before the big day, and recce’d some fantastic spots as a background for some of the wedding photos. Fortunately we were not let down on the day as we got some wonderful Greek wedding day weather to celebrate their special day in style. It was a wonderful wedding to be a Greek Wedding Photographer full of local influences and traditions. The ceremony was truly beautiful and set in an incredible Church overlooking the Aegean, and the reception and party that followed was so intimate yet relaxed, and of friends and family enjoying the moment.

Thanks for inviting me guys, it was such a fantastic event to be your Greek Wedding Photographer. Enjoy your time together in London over the rest of 2013 xx


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