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Portfolio • Asia, News, Weddings • Posted on 4th June 2013 • Posted by Kee Yip

Dubai Wedding PhotographerAt Liam Collard Photography we have always wanted to shoot a wedding in the glamorous, sunny and unique surrounds of Dubai – a high octane city full of amazing photography opportunities.  We were delighted when we heard from Jim and Nazgol, a British groom and Iranian bride looking to tie the knot in the Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah– a beautiful and opulent five star resort on Dubai’s waterfront. Having had a chat with the couple it was clear that photography was extremely important to them, and in particular having some shots that really showed off the glamorous location they had chosen as a wedding setting.

With that in mind we made a plan that allowed us some time on the beach in front of the hotel at dusk, when we could really capture the beautifully atmospheric evening light. This worked out perfectly, (despite having to rush to get there in time and stretching the local speed limits) and capped off a wonderful day.

A beautiful couple, Jim and Nazgol were so relaxed and fun to work with, and with a large following of support from the grooms friends in London, and a very colourful and charismatic group of the brides friends from Iran, this was a wedding with true international flavour.

Thanks you guys for an amazing experience and for allowing us to see what an amazing place Dubai is… Hopefully more weddings with similarly cool couples will not be too far away in this Middle Eastern oasis!! So if you’re on the hunt for your perfect Dubai Wedding Photographer, give us a shout.


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