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Dreaming of getting hitched like royalty? Have a Hedsor House wedding in one of the United Kingdom’s most exquisite locations. So, what makes this Italianate-style mansion worth your bread and honey?

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Handpicked by Royalty

Hedsor House was the royal residence for Princess Augusta, Dowager Princess of Wales. Princess Augusta settled in the mansion in the 18th century, but Hedsor traces its origins as far back as 1166. Talk about ancient! At the time, they were owned by the de Hedsor family.

The original mansion was commissioned by George III and Queen Charlotte. The royal couple fell in love with the view of River Thames perfectly framed in the house and park’s location. It is no wonder the romantic mansion was frequented by royalty. It was parties and tea time galore! Unfortunately, a fire enraptured the house in 1795, but it was later rebuilt in 1868 as an Italian villa. A domed hall was created and it became one of the greatest features of the house.

Hedsor House was extensively remodeled in 1925 when the head of Fiat Cars bought the place and got rid of several Victorian domes, then added marble, mosaic, onyx, pine and oak fixtures. By 1932, Hedsor House was gifted by his father to Philip Shephard and his wife, Florence, for their wedding. That may be the greatest wedding gift ever!

In 1952, the Shephard family and their staff left the house. It was then leased as a top-secret location for the United States Air Force. Pretty cool, right? Then for 35 years, it was used by a company that ended up being part of Fujitsu Limited.

Hedsor House is a spectacular event and wedding venue that stretches over 100 acres of private land. This versatile location can be found in Taplow, only 45 minutes away from London where we are based. The estate is a peaceful escape rich in flora and fauna, and with scenery incomparable to any.

Hedsor House: A Timeless Masterpiece

Hedsor House was restored and renovated into the beautiful venue it is today in the 2000s. It was first opened to the public after 800 years of privacy through the big screen: Hedsor House was featured as Nicole Kidman’s residence in “The Golden Compass.” By the following year, the estate’s managers began accepting private events into their modernized masterpiece.

The Shephard family does a spectacular job maintaining, elevating and adapting Hedsor House to 21st century tastes. The private estate has one hundred rooms in more than 43,000 sq. ft. of luxurious space. So, apart from the Shephards, Hedsor House and its parkland is expertly managed by an incredible team of events and hospitality industry legends. They are who make Hedsor House one of the most iconic events, wedding and film locations in the UK.

Hedsor House is open to any and all inquiries regarding the use of their venue. They also welcome visitors to their space for all those who wish to experience the magic of Hedsor firsthand. Before booking a visit, however, one-on-one virtual tours of the place are encouraged. We’re so lucky to have all this technology! So, through an online showroom, you can have an all-access pass to Hedsor House. You can ask all the basic questions (i.e. pricing, amenities, availability) during the virtual tour, then book a day at the actual location whenever it suits you.

Hedsor House has centuries of luxury and grandeur to its name. This beautiful retreat by the south east is a sanctuary, and any Hedsor House wedding is sure to be a once in a lifetime spectacle.


Grandeur and Glamour at a Hedsor House Wedding

Elegant rooms, lush gardens and incredible photographic moments await anyone having a Hedsor House wedding. This world-class venue has amazing offerings for brides and grooms, be it a bespoke wedding or one of their curated packages. Hedsor House connects you with the best suppliers to collaborate with for the wedding of your dreams.

The estate offers the Darcy Wedding, a classy Hedsor House wedding package perfect for 70 guests, but only offers dates falling on Mondays to Thursdays. For brides and grooms who wish for a luxury wedding for almost any day of the year, the Augusta Wedding is another package accommodating  70 guests. For the ultimate Hedsor House wedding curation, the 1776 Wedding is available for any day or season, apart from the Christmas and New year period. This Hedsor House exclusive is open to 100 guests.

While these amazing packages entice many, other couples prefer a Dry Hire. This means having the flexibility to truly customize your wedding to its finest details within Hedsor House’s reasonable conditions.

For the ceremony, there are five main rooms to choose from for your Hedsor House wedding. These rooms can be used for both the ceremony and reception, be it course meals or buffet. The Boudoir is open for 30 diners while 200 people can fit in the Ballroom for a standing buffet.

The Italian villa also prides itself in its gorgeous Bridal Suite, one of the most glamorous and grandest in size across Europe. With its breathtaking views of the estate, posh finishings plus a romantic private balcony, you’ll surely feel like a royalty living the dream.

Hedsor House weddings may be run by whichever caterer you choose from the estate’s approved list. Throughout the wedding, Hedsor House’s Duty Manager is available for consultations, but he is in no way involved with running the wedding. Finally, when you choose to have a Hedsor House wedding, you can rest easy as the fees already include contract cleaning for the venue before and after every wedding.

During Gloria and Peter’s incredible ceremony, Stam and I loved taking photos in the panoramic grounds. We also photographed many interesting architectural features of Hedsor House’s interior. The party ended with stunning fireworks that wowed the crowd and looked amazing behind the lens.

For your big day, make sure to leave plenty of time for bridal portraits as the light and venue are perfect for them. Making time for photo shoots in the light of dusk also makes for gorgeous memories captured in an ephemeral atmosphere.

Get more tips from our free wedding planning guide!


Fun Facts

  • Hedsor House was designed by the architect of Somerset House, Sir William Chambers.
  • British-American record producer and executive Mark Ronson celebrated his 33rd birthday at Hedsor House. Some of the biggest names in Brit Pop music were in attendance including Lily Allen and the late Amy Winehouse.
  • Hedsor House is one of the grandest and most popular filming locations in the UK. The film has been used for the international series “Downton Abbey” and American comedy series “Veep.” Johnny Depp’s “Mortdecai” was also filmed at Hedsor House. Ricky Gervais, Sting and Warwick Davis worked together on “Life’s Too Short” in the estate.
  • Other celebrities have partied in Hedsor House, including Brit “royalties” like David and Victoria Beckham, Jason Statham, Keira Knightley and Sir Elton John.



Far beyond being a gorgeous background to your wedding photos, Hedsor House has the complete package that will bring your dream wedding to life. It’s no wonder that this location is loved by many, from royalty and celebrities to brides and grooms. Celebrate love and make beautiful memories at your Hedsor House wedding!

We were lucky enough to photograph the wedding of our fantastic clients Gloria and Peter at the venue and have included some of our favourite images to really give you a taste of how spectacular a wedding at Hedsor House can be.

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