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You’re getting married!

Yay, congratulations! It’s such an exciting time – one that should be celebrated beautifully.

So whether you’re dreaming of white sandy beaches for your destination wedding, or perhaps a more urban jungle feel, here are five mistakes to avoid when planning your destination wedding.

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1. No Destination Wedding Planner? Mistake Number One

While you may be thinking that you can plan the perfect wedding from afar, the truth is it’s just not feasible! Planning a wedding takes time, effort, research, and great insider knowledge of the venue, area, and city itself.

By choosing to celebrate your wedding in a new and exciting location, a destination wedding planner is simply essential.

They will be able to liaise with the right people in their native tongue, and consult insider connections to create your picture perfect day. Less stress, more time for excitement.

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Keep in mind however, that choosing a destination wedding planner requires tons of research. This is because it’s so important to hire someone you can trust.

Your wedding planner will be organizing, overseeing, and arranging your entire day, and it’s so necessary to feel comfortable with the person or company you’re going to hire to plan your destination wedding.

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2. Choosing a Reception Venue that’s Far From the Wedding Venue? Mistake Number Two

Have you found the wedding venue of your dreams? Perfect! Have you got your reception venue sorted too? If not, perhaps you’ll want to get on that asap.

Why? Because this chosen space is equally as important as the ceremony space, especially at destination weddings.

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Can you imagine throwing a handful of foreigners into a new city at once? The chaos that may ensue whilst moving from point A to B?

That’s why it’s highly recommended to either choose a venue that has the capacity to also host your reception party, or find a venue that’s nearby so that there won’t be any craziness to find taxis, or confusion when it comes to using Google Maps.

The last thing you want is your friends and family wandering around aimlessly on the day.

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3. Not Having a Pre or Post Wedding Photography Shoot? Mistake Number Three

Your big day is just that… a big day! And while you may love the fact that you’re going to be the centre of attention for an entire morning, afternoon and or evening, it can be quite an overwhelming experience.

Guests will be fighting for your attention and you’ll have to keep your eye on the schedule, making sure that everything is running on time and smoothly.

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Having said that, you don’t really want your only wedding photos to be of you in-action, do you? Sure, these make for some amazing shots, but you’ll definitely want to plan a pre or post-wedding photography session with your wedding photographer.

By doing so, you and your partner will be the sole focus in a cool and calm fashion. Not only that, but it will give you the opportunity to be photographed against the backdrop of some extraordinary scenery.

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4. Choosing a Location Far From the Airport? Mistake Number Four

Just like choosing ceremony and reception venues that are far apart, having your guests take two flights, a ferry, and a taxi in order to be apart of your big day is a no-go.

This will not only make it more difficult for them to actually attend, but will also cause a few of your guests to actively decline your invite as to avoid the long travel time.

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You’ll also want to make sure that your chosen location has a few decent hotels or apartments nearby for your traveling guests and for those who don’t fancy driving.

For this, giving your guests a few helpful tips would be an excellent idea, such as a detailed e-mail listing properties to book, taxi apps that are used in that area, or even some information about how to get a local sim card.

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5. Not Checking the Weather Forecast & Weather Patterns Beforehand? Mistake Number Five

The world is wonderfully diverse, and with the added effects of global warming, you cannot simply leave the weather up to chance. Before you choose a location for your destination wedding, do your research.

Find out the weather patterns and climate conditions around the time that you plan to marry, and find online forums from brides and grooms who’ve experienced their wedding at your chosen place during the same time of the year.

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And to put things into perspective, while Thailand may be a small country, Phuket, an island on one side of the country, tends to receive rain at different times of the year to Ko Samui, another island on the other side of the country.

And Santorini in Greece is actually quite cold from Mid October to Mid May, despite the fact that there is usually a lot of sunshine. Plan your special day with the weather in mind to avoid disappointment.

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So, are you ready to rock your destination wedding? If not, you could simply consider your destination wedding planner your personal superhero for all things ‘wedding’. It’s OK not to know everything!

With or without a destination wedding planner however, these tips will be sure to minimize some of the stress and uncertainty – for yourself and your guests – so that you can enjoy your big day as it was meant to be… simply perfect.

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