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For many, traveling is one of the biggest luxuries afforded to them. And why not? Seeing a brand new part of the world not only instills excitement and wander, but also broadens the mind and makes one culturally rich… it’s also a fabulous reason to take a zillion photos for Instagram!

Having said that, who wouldn’t want to combine what is arguably the best day of their life and an exotic and pleasurable bout of travel? A destination wedding simply makes sense for the adventurous traveler, couple in love, and or wondrous spirit.

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Why Do Couples Choose a Destination Wedding?

In addition to the reasons above, here are 10 other (more concrete) reasons as to why a destination wedding is actually the best, and why many a couple are choosing to tie the knot in a new city or country.

Choose a destination wedding1. Less Guests, More Intimate

Traveling can be expensive… for everyone. So while you’re planning that gorgeous wedding in Thailand or Santorini, your invitees may be left counting their pennies, feeling resentful that you didn’t invite them to your lavish do, and or enduring a stomachache full of dread because they’re unable to RSVP ‘yes’ to said-do.

And that’s actually a good thing, believe it or not.

When less people attend your destination wedding, you’re not only left with a bigger budget, but also, a more intimate-style wedding.

This kind of wedding is perfect for destination wedding couples, as they get to experience the beauty of a new place alongside those who truly know them best.

Couple just married 2. Bigger Budget

It may seem like the opposite, but by choosing a destination wedding, you’re actually able to save some money! This is because you’ll be inviting less guests, which means more to spend on the big day (or to save).

It’s also because, if you choose a destination that’s kind on your exchange rate, you’ll be getting extravagant service at a fraction of the price.

Lastly, when you plan a destination wedding, oftentimes you’re able to get a packaged deal, which means receiving a service that is kinder on your wallet.

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3. Satisfied Wanderlust

Tying the knot in your hometown can be a meaningful experience, especially if you’re choosing the traditional route, like getting married the same church or venue as your parents or parent’s parents did.

But there’s just something so magical about a destination wedding.

When you choose a destination, you can create new memories alongside your partner-in-crime, family, and friends. You have the opportunity to be in awe of not only the person you’re about to marry, but also… the views, sights, and sounds.

If you’re a self-proclaimed wanderlust addict, choosing a destination wedding simply makes sense.

Guests at a wedding 4. The Experience

Waking up on the day of your wedding with excitement and butterflies is a feeling that’s irreplaceable.

But can you imagine waking up in a new place a few day before your wedding day, with the ability to experience a brand new culture, fall even more in love, and to sport a more care-free and vacation-like vibe? Priceless.

For those who are planning a destination wedding, it’s about so much more than the actual event… it’s about the experience.

Newly weds walking on beach 5. Quality Time with Guests

When you have a destination wedding, you can be sure that you’ll have more quality time with your guests.

That’s because there will be far less attendees than if you were to marry at home, giving you time to really be with and appreciate your loved ones.

It just makes sense that you’d only invite your nearest and dearest to your destination wedding, making the whole affair even more special and intimate.

Not only that, but a destination wedding means spending more than a mere few hours with your guests, but enjoying a few days in a new place with them.

Bride and groom at the altar 6. Nostalgia

For couples who have traveled together, choosing a location that brings about fond memories is always a beautiful thing. Many couples in love who’ve enjoyed a destination wedding admit that they chose their location based on the experience that they shared with their partner in said-location.

Perhaps the question was popped beside gorgeous views of Bora Bora, or your first getaway was somewhere magical, like Italy. Some couples want to tie the knot in a place that reminds them of their love story.

Alternatively, some couples choose a location based on their shared love for it, and their individual experiences whilst visiting in the past.

A shared love for travel certainly does the trick.

Bride walking on beach with bridesmaids 7. All-in-One: Wedding + Vacation (an Early Honeymoon)

A destination wedding is far more than a one-day experience. It’s also a mini vacation for the bride and groom-to-be, along with their guests.

Couples can immerse themselves into a new location while meeting and finalizing their wedding details. They too can opt for a pre-wedding photo shoot at said-location, leaving them with even more memories.

It’s also a fab way in which to de-stress before the big day. Everyone loves a vacation, so why not celebrate an all-in-one for a little extra oomph? Ditch work for a few days and simply enjoy.



Just married bride and groom 8. Celebrate + Embrace New Cultures

For travel lovers, choosing a destination wedding means having the opportunity to embrace a new location along with its culture.

For wanderlust-driven souls, having the ability to go off and explore with stars in their eyes makes a location even more attractive.

Can you think of a better or more romantic way to celebrate and fall even more in love with ‘the one’ than to thrive in your shared passion for travel?

Newly weds at sunset 9. Less Stress

It may seem as though planning a wedding from afar would be stressful, but in actuality, the process is a heck of a lot smoother than planning a local wedding. Why? For two reasons:

First, most destination wedding-friendly locations are extremely well-versed in the art of planning a wedding.

Day-in-and-day-out, couples from all over the world visit resorts and locations famous for destination weddings, making the professionals great at what they do.

These wedding coordinators are also more educated in the requirements you’ll need to wed in their country.

And second, if you’re not so sure about having your wedding planned from afar, you could always hire a trusted destination wedding planner who literally does this kind of thing for a living.

Either or, you’ve got someone who has your back, taking a lot of the stress off of you.

Bride swimming10. The Aftermath

Have you ever planned a party? How did it go? Sure, the event may have been extraordinary (or even terrible), but either way, it probably left you with quite an aftermath.

That is, a slew of decorations, tableware, glassware, tidbits, and more to deal with… the same goes for a local wedding.

Those who choose to get married locally may swear that they won’t invest too much in buying extra thrills and frills. But when the big day is over, there’s usually a lot of unnecessary decor that either needs to be thrown out, sold, or stored.

Choose a destination wedding, and you can leave all of the extras up to the venue (who will also have to deal with it after the event).

Plus, it’s not really feasible to travel with wedding decorations, is it?

Ready to say ‘I do’ on a fabulous beach somewhere exotic? Perhaps atop a mountain with exquisite views? Or maybe somewhere boho-chic, like in the desert?

We’re all for bouts of travel, and if you’re on-the-fence about it all, we highly recommend choosing a destination wedding, and are sure you simply won’t regret it!