Beautiful Indian Wedding: Jigna & Nikesh

Portfolio • Asia, News, Weddings • Posted on 30th May 2015 • Posted by Liam Collard

Each year, Liam Collard Photography is delighted to be invited to a large, several-day-long wedding event, and this year was no different: Jigna and Nikesh’s beautiful Indian wedding lasted five days!
We met Jigna and Nikesh on a chilly December morning in London last year, and we became fast friends. It was immediately clear that their wedding would be one to look forward to, as it was to be a long, exciting event with a relatively intimate number of guests (about 80).
The bride and groom chose the Sheraton Resort and Spa in Hua Hin, Thailand, as the venue for their extravagant affair. Each day of the wedding was planned meticulously, with a Thai-themed welcome party on the first night, a mehndi pool party on the second, a “sangeet” night on the third (a Bollywood-themed event), and, finally, on the fourth day, a traditional mandvo and pithi ceremony, followed by the wedding itself.
We knew that each of these events would be incredible, but the wedding completely exceeded our expectations: the guests were treated to such a fantastic time, with lively singing and dancing, great food (catered by the Sheraton), and an assortment of live entertainment, including Thai dancers, a fire show, and a bold fireworks display.
The wedding itself was beautiful, a traditional Indian ceremony held in the glorious fading light just before sunset. The groom entered on an elephant, which was a truly impressive way to arrive, and his union with Jigna, who looked stunning in a Manish Malhotra gown, was an emotional and moving experience.
Perhaps our favourite moment of the whole event, though, was when the bride and groom played a traditional Indian wedding game in which they competed to see who could retrieve a wedding ring from a bowl of water first. This was such a fun and energetic moment, and we love how the photographs of it capture that energy.
Jigna and Nikesh’s wedding was a such an incredible event, with an unforgettable atmosphere of warmth and happiness, and we are so pleased to have been a part of it!

An extra: read Nikesh’s account of his proposal to Jigna, which was as romantic as any in a movie!
“We were on holiday in Dubai during Christmas, and, as part of Jigna’s Christmas present, I had bought her a boat tour of Dubai (she was expecting a group-tour type of thing). However, with months of planning, I had actually hired a private yacht for the tour, to ensure that the proposal would be as private and intimate as possible. We both made our way down to the marina and Jig started seeing groups of people going for a tour. She started telling me that that must be where we should be going and yes, the nerves started kicking in. I had to make a quick escape so I told her to hold on as I needed to use the toilet (just trying to buy some time and find out where our captain was). While there, I went and rang our captain and found out that we had to wait a little longer, and, then, after 5 painful minutes of her telling me I never listen to her, he came and collected us and Jig was like, ‘Wow, this is amazing!’ Once on board, I gave the captain a CD, which he played as we relaxed at the front of the yacht admiring the beauty (me admiring her, she admiring…the buildings!). The sun had started to set so I pretty much knew this was the best time, so I asked the captain to stop the boat but he got confused and thought I was asking him to go faster and in the process we were both absolutely drenched! Eventually he stopped, came up and started telling us about the history of Atlantis (which I reckon he made up) and offered to take some pictures of us. At that point I went down on one knee and pulled a poem (which I had been preparing for months) from my pocket. Just as I was about to read it, I fell to the side as the waters got a bit rocky, and slipped and landed on two knees (yes, I know, it looked like I was begging). Trying to stay composed, I read the poem and pulled out a sign from my pocket made from her favourite things in the world, pasta and tikha gathiya (!!!), and popped the question. The corniest part of it all was that I had Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ playing in the background. As you can imagine, there were a few tears (hers of course!). Afterwards we celebrated in true style with lychees and champagne.”


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