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Liam Collard Photography

We spoke to award-winning, Liam Collard and Stam about their journey as destination wedding photographers, and asked them to showcase their wedding photography gallery for those inspired brides and grooms-to-be.

Liam Collard, and his partner Stam, are two passionate artists who capture, quite possibly, the most important moment in one’s life – a wedding!

They love sharing their wedding photography gallery with the world via their various social media and blog platforms and by doing so, they hope not only to inspire photography-enthusiasts, but also teach them about the ins and outs when it comes to a beautiful destination wedding.

Here, they’ll be talking a bit about what it means to be an award-winning wedding photographer, and share some of their wedding photography gallery with you.

As one of your top picks, you’ve shared a black and white photograph of a couple jumping into their car post-wedding. What’s the story behind this photo?

In this pic you’ll see Cat and Iain, a stunning couple, on the iconic New York street, Wall Street. It was taken right after their ceremony, and we love it for the its great atmosphere.

New York really does hold a sense of wonder, doesn’t it? So, without fancy photography jargon, what exactly is a destination wedding?

Usually, a destination wedding is when a couple fly to a different country from the one in which they live, in order to get married. Of course, every couple has their own motivation as to why they opt for a destination wedding, but for the majority – it’s because they’re dreaming about the perfect wedding in the sun or on a beautiful beach.

Makes sense! How long have you been working as a destination wedding photographer?

We have been shooting weddings all over the world for the last six years, and what an amazing experience it has been!

Definitely! So, what is your next topic pick?

We’ve chosen a photo of the Singapore skyline at night as one of our top wedding photos. We love it because it reminds us of how beautiful this fantastic city is, and how much it’s changed over the last few years. This photo was taken in 2017, and is of couple, Natalyn and Jared. It’s also one of our favorites in our wedding photography gallery.

What countries do you mainly photograph in?

Myself and Stam have been lucky enough to shoot a number of great weddings in Thailand, Hong Kong, Greece, Italy, and England. We then compile a wedding photography gallery or blog for those looking to tie the knot in these specific locations.

Amazing! And what influences your decision on which country/city you will photograph in?

We live in Asia for six months of the year, so that strongly influences our work in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. There are many expats in those countries, and they adore having their dream destination wedding in Asia.

We also work throughout Europe quite a bit, with the most popular destinations being Greece and Italy. We love traveling in those locations during the summer, so that is our main motivation.

You’ve decided to share two photographs from Santorini. Why’s that?

Santorini continues to give us a feeling of love, hope, and inspiration. In fact, it was hard to choose our favourites from this magnificent location that continues to show off a breathtaking view. The two pics of Stefi and Philip below however managed to sum up the awe-inspired vibe of this unique island though.

Being a destination wedding photographer, I am sure that you’ve had the opportunity to photograph a number of different wedding styles, witnessing exciting cultures different from your own. What can you tell us about the cultural weddings you’ve worked at?

We definitely see a lot of diversity when it comes to different wedding styles. Being a destination wedding photographer has opened up our minds so much, and it’s been so great getting to know various people, exploring new countries, and to learn about different cultures and religions.

We have had the pleasure of photographing a number of Thai style water ceremonies, Chinese and Vietnamese tea ceremonies, and Indian-themed multi-day celebrations – to name a few. It definitely adds a bit of variation to our wedding photography gallery, that’s for sure.

What is a Thai style water ceremony?

It’s one of the most important parts of a Thai wedding, and is commonly known as “water pouring.” The couple will sit down at the water pouring table, both wearing a cotton head dress. They will position their hands above a bouquet of flowers, and one by one, the elders will pour water that has been blessed by Buddhist monks over their hands, from the base of the thumb to the fingertips. The water drops from their hands and is caught in the flowers.

Very cool! And have any photos from Thailand made your top picks?

Indeed! The photo below was taken in Hua Hin, Thailand, and it is of the wonderful couple, Jaimal and Tejal. Interestingly, their big day took place in Thailand, but it was actually an Indian wedding with an incredible sunrise ceremony. The gorgeous tropical sun rises are definitely hard to beat!

Stunning! Do you have any interesting facts about Indian weddings, or more specifically, multi-day Indian weddings?

Sure! There is an interesting concept for the ladies during a traditional Indian wedding called “Solah Shringar” – which is essentially translated to “16 Steps to Beauty”. The bride, as well as her female friends and family of the household, celebrate this tradition with several beauty steps such as hair styling, makeup, dressing, and accessorizing.

That must be an incredible sight to witness! Is the Chinese and Vietnamese tea ceremony equally as interesting?

Definitely! For this, the bride is welcomed by family and guests and is usually gifted with flowers. The bride and groom sometimes light a candle to symbolize their union, and then words of wisdom are shared. The tea is served after this. This tea is sometimes regular tea, but other times, could be alcohol (be warned if you decide to drink it quickly!).

In some traditions, tea is offered in exchange for marital advice from the elders.

It’s so magical hearing about these different cultural wedding traditions! It must be so much fun being apart of them! But if you had to choose, what would be your favourite locations for photographing a destination wedding?

There are two places that have totally stolen our heart! French Polynesia is absolutely outstanding, especially the area of Bora Bora! One could not ask for more inspiration in this location! From the turquoise lagoon to the quaint guest bungalows standing on stilts over the water – magic!

We also love visiting Greece! We’ve been several times and the unspoiled view of the Aegean Sea never gets old! In short, it’s been such an amazing journey and we couldn’t be happier!

Very nice! And last but not least, what is your final top pick when it comes to your favourite destination wedding photography?

This last image was taken in London at the iconic, St. Pancras Hotel. Like New York, London continues to inspire! We love this image because it shows off a stunning couple during England’s typical weather – rain!

It definitely encapsulates everything love, lust, and London, that’s for sure!

With that, we look forward to seeing more destination wedding photography from Liam and Stam on their website soon! Happy snapping around the world!

To get in touch with these two to create your own wedding photography gallery, say “hello” here!