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Nobody predicted that a global pandemic would hit at the end of 2019 which would ultimately change the face of every day life. But, despite things being not-so-cool at the moment, we’re thinking positive, and waiting until the day when we can live out our best lives once again.

The devastation caused by this pandemic is so far-reached, that everyone has been affected in some shape or form.

Yes, we aspire to look on the bright side, but we’re still sending out our best thoughts and wishing everyone good health during this troublesome period.

So, while it’s not exactly safe or advised to go ahead with a wedding ceremony at the moment, brides and grooms-to-be can actually use this time to their advantage.

Sure, you may be more than ready to tie the knot with the one you love, but we’re hoping to help you turn lemons into lemonade.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Elope

1. Planning

Even though you can’t exactly set a date or confirm venue right now, it actually gives you more time to plan the dream joining of souls that you’ve always wanted.

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Now is the perfect opportunity to consult new and different resources to find styles and aesthetics that you may have missed had you have already eloped.

Using sites like Pinterest, bridal websites and magazines, and talking to wedding planners is a great way to really solidify your choices, and feel confident to get married, when the time is right.

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2. Introspection

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t be living with this pandemic. But, because we’re all caught in the midst of it, it actually gives you more space for introspection.

You can really sit down and think about how much you love your partner, if you’re truly ready to make a commitment, and all of the other things that you may appreciate about them.

The way in which you’ve supported each other during this rough period also says a lot about whether you can rely on them 100 percent, which is a great pre-marriage test to see how you handle life when it gets tough.

This too can give you more wonderful things to think about whilst writing your vows.

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3. The Perfect Excuse

There are some couples who really don’t fancy going the whole nine yards with a lavish and big wedding. And oftentimes these couples are made to feel bad or guilty by their families and friends who want to be apart of the big day.

But given the fact that wedding ceremonies are basically non-existent right now, it is the perfect opportunity to elope.

Planning a wedding with such uncertainty seems near impossible given the circumstances, and holding off until the world is in better spirits could mean a massive delay in actually saying your “I do”.

An elopement is far easier to plan, even with the chaos, making it the best time and excuse to do it.

Plus, this pandemic has literally shown us that life can change at any moment, which is good enough reason to do whatever makes you happy.

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4. Eloping is Environment-Friendly

Did you know that, on average, a wedding ceremony sees around 180 kg of waste? Choosing to keep things simple by choosing to elope is probably the smartest choice you could make in terms of the environment.

And if anything, the pandemic has shown us what a difference it makes when factories are not in operation, and flights and cars are used much less than usual. Keeping the momentum going is a way for you to reduce your carbon footprint, doing a good deed for Mother Earth.

Besides, doesn’t a simple wedding in nature sound like pure bliss anyway?

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5. You Will Save Money

Eloping is a heck of a lot cheaper than organizing a wedding for your nearest and dearest. You can completely eradicate or significantly reduce the cost of a venue, catering, travel, gift bags, grand decor, and other details if you choose to elope.

A simple yet beautiful elopement somewhere special may just be exactly what you need to embrace your partner and the love you have for one another. You could always renew your vows in a bigger ceremony at a later stage!

So, for all of those brides and grooms-to-be, we really do feel your disappointment. We wish you could throw caution to the wind and be married living your happily-ever-after, but to use this time wisely is the best thing you can do right now, whilst looking forward to the future.