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It seems fairly normal that you’d have a number of wedding discussions with your partner before you start planning for your amazing wedding, right? But this may very well be your first time when it comes to wedding planning, and no one really has all the answers from the get-go!

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That’s why, being in the wedding industry, and having spoken to handfuls of couples about their big day, we know that there are a few wedding discussions that you two should have before the planning begins.

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Wedding Discussions: 5 Questions to Discuss with Your Partner Before You Plan Your Big Day

So, just in case you’ve missed out on one or two important topics, here’s a little guideline for you. In this way, you can be sure that you’re starting all of your exciting plans on a solid foundation, and can go forth with your fantastic plans and magical ideas!

 1. Budget: Expectations vs. Reality

Millions of individuals worldwide dream about their fairytale wedding from a young age. And when the question gets popped, it’s finally time to plan said-fairytale wedding. But because money doesn’t grow on trees (sad face), not every bride and groom-to-be can actually have everything they ever wanted.

Of course there are so many different ways that one can alter their vision to be more budget-friendly, but realistically, talking about your budget with your partner is something that needs to be discussed before any planning begins. This will not only put you two on the same page, but will also prevent any disappointment or arguments later on down the line.

You could also talk about how you can increase your budget, if you have anyone who has offered to help, and create a spreadsheet containing your current and expected budget for the big day.

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2. Guests: Expectations vs. Reality

Whether you’re planning a grand wedding or something intimate, the guest list will really make a big impact on your big day. This is because the number of guests you have will influence your budget, the venue, the catering, and the ambience.

So before you actually start with your guest list, it’ll be a lot easier for you to decide what kind of wedding you’d like.

After this has been discussed, we suggested both of you make a list of absolutely everyone you would love to be at your wedding. In this way, you can use this list and compare it. You can look at the numbers, who you have in common, and use a process of elimination to cut down your list, if need be.

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3. Wedding Vendors: Expectations vs. Reality

Maybe you have your eye on some kind of special entertainment for your wedding, while your partner feels that that might be a little over-the-top or perhaps they don’t desire this kind of entertainment… and that’s why a conversation about vendors is super important.

Realistically, both partners will most likely have a favourite must-have, and before anything is set in stone, a compromise that makes both of you, and your budget, happy – will save the day.

Also, when it comes to weddings, there is no set-rule about which vendors you need to hire. You could consult your (prospective) wedding venue to see what they can offer. In this way, they could take control of a few aspects for you (perhaps at a cheaper cost with insider connections?).

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4. The Ambience: Expectations vs. Reality

As we mentioned, there are a number of factors that’ll influence the ambience of your wedding. Talking about what you would like your wedding to look and feel like will help you in more ways than one.

For example, trimming down the guest list will create a more intimate atmosphere, choosing a very large and expensive venue will be grand but perhaps not as personal.

Another example would be your colour palette and decor. These will play a big part in how your big day will look and feel.

All of these decisions will impact the ambience of your wedding, so make sure that your wedding discussions include all of the small things while having your ultimate wedding vision in mind.

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5. The Reception: Expectations vs. Reality

Again, all of the little things will influence your reception party in a big way. So to consider things such as your budget and your guest list whilst looking for your reception venue will prove invaluable.

You should also have a few wedding discussions about the bar tab… will it be an open bar, and if so, can it be accounted for in your budget? Do you need to hire bar staff or will the venue supply this? Is it going to be a BYOB, and does the venue allow this?

Also take into consideration the people who will be attending your reception. If your friends are big party animals, this will influence your music choices, your DJ, if you need a big dance floor or not etc. Alternatively, if it’s a small and intimate reception, you could consider a quaint outdoor affair with a roaring fire and a chilled atmosphere.

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So while you may have already decided on your dream wedding venue, all of the above are super important wedding discussions to have with your partner before you go ahead and make it official. We know that you probably have a ton of questions about your wedding planning, but if you give yourself enough time and patience, we’re sure that you’ll be able to create the wedding of your dreams without a hitch!

Just remember that all of these ‘small’ aspects really will have a big impact on your big day, and of course you want it to be as perfect as you’ve always imagined it.