Henrietta and Suni Tie The Knot at Iconic London Venue

Portfolio • Weddings, Europe • Posted on 26th January 2018
One Marylebone wedding photographer; To fall in love is such a beautiful and awe-inspired experience. With a warm feeling in your heart, a massive smile on your face, and a partner that fully understands and adores you by your side…it’s as if you can conquer the world! And Suni...
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One Marylebone wedding photographer Liam Collard

10 Must-See Wedding Images of Beautiful Santorini

Portfolio • Weddings, Europe • Posted on 1st January 2018
Santorini Wedding Photography; Santorini, a stunning island in Greece, is arguably one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Its golden hour alone is enough to make anyone’s heart skip a beat, not to mention the awe-inspired views, whitewashed houses, and cute villages dispersed throughout this small island. Santorini...
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Santorini Wedding Photography

Aregu and Arpad’s Fabulous Wedding In Messinia, Greece

Portfolio • Weddings, Europe • Posted on 2nd November 2017
Greece wedding photography; There are two ways in which you could meet the love of your life – it could be a chance of fate, or it could be because a friend of yours decided that a bit of meddling would be fun. And for Aregu and Arpad, it was...
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Greece wedding photography

Yara and Nabih’s Sensational Santorini Wedding

Portfolio • Weddings, Europe • Posted on
Wedding photography Santorini; When it comes to destination weddings, Yara and Nabih’s wedding photography Santorini is enough to make anyone entirely inspired, if not slightly jealous. Why? Not only was the location a piece of heaven on earth, but the bride’s magnificent wedding dress and the groom’s dapper suit...
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Wedding Photography Santorini

Lucy & David’s Breathtaking Wedding Photography At St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London

Portfolio • Weddings, Europe • Posted on 25th September 2017
St Pancras Renaissance Wedding Photographer Liam Collard and his partner Stam, tell the sweet story of David and Lucy, a couple who met in a lift at work and fell head over heels for one another. Little did they know that this random encounter would lead to an absolutely...
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St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel Destination wedding London Wedding Photographer 017
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