Liam Collard Photography Joins Prestigious Wedding Photography Associations

Wedding Photography Associations

Liam Collard Photography is pleased to announce that it has joined three prestigious wedding photography assocations: Junebug Weddings, the Wedding Photojournalist Association, and Signature Weddings. These organisations provide publicity for the most talented wedding photographers around the world. Their recognition for Liam and Stam’s work attests to their commitment to outstanding wedding photography and customer service.

Fearless Photographers Award – Liam Collard Photography

Liam Collard - Fearless Photographers Award

Liam Collard Photography is honoured to have been awarded another Fearless Photographers award in collection 23, with so many entries amounting to well over 25,000 images and such incredibly high standards it is amazing to get one of the very few awards given out in this month’s incredible set of pictures. Thank you Fearless and to my amazing clients who make it possible for me to take these incredible images at their weddings. You can view all the award-winning photographs of collection 23.

Liam Collard Presented Fearless Photographers Award

Liam Collard Photography Presented Fearless Photographers Award

Liam Collard Photography is delighted to announce a second award from the Fearless Photographers Award. Fearless Photographers is a directory of more than 2,500 of the world’s boldest wedding photographers for wedding couples who truly love photography. This was the final collection from 2013 the photograph was shot back in November when we were hired by Alana and Matt to be their professional Thailand wedding photographers. The destination wedding ceremony took place at the luxury resort of Trisara, in Sanskrit “The Third Garden in Heaven” a stunning private Villa and Pool complex on the West Coast of Phuket, wrapped in a tropical forest and exotic gardens.

The bride and groom Alana and Matt had flown half way across the globe from the USA to celebrate their wedding day in Thailand. I am delighted that the happily married US couple were picked for this award winning photograph.

Thailand Wedding Photographer Wins Fearless Photographers Award

Fearless Photographers AwardWe are absolutely delighted to announce a winning photo award for this month’s wedding photo nominations for photographic association Fearless Photographers. Fearless is a directory of more than 2,500 of the world’s boldest wedding photographers for couples who truly love photography, winning entries are picked by fellow professional photographers in each submission of the Fearless Photographers Awards. As a Thailand wedding photographer, I feel honoured to have received such a prestigious wedding photography award, the photo was taken in ……. and is the winning entry!


“Fearless Photographers want to make finding your wedding photographer just as fun and exciting as searching for your wedding venue, wedding shoes, wedding dress, wedding cake, and all that good stuff. If you’re planning a wedding and you
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